Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3 months worth of work. for the 2015 Finish Along

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
UPDATED:  This is my blog entry to state what I've finished in 3 months from January until now.  Really need to keep an eye on that so I don't miss this entry.  Here's a list of what I said I would do...

1)  Finish off the Craftsy class that was a  BOM online.  I completed it last year and it turned out to be a lap quilt.  My goal was to join another class on Craftsy that shows how to free style quilt each and every block in a different manner and since I really wanted to work on my free style, that's was my goal.  Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture.

and here is the after picture.

All free styled "stitch in a ditch" blocks
Only one block totally done but class was
an hour long to watch and then practice.

2)  My Pixelated Quilt. I was 1/2 way done.  It's a sunflower.  I entered this in the finish along.  But didn't even get to it in January because of exams and all (I'm a teacher).  So here is a picture of what I started with in January.   

Here is the middle picture.
More rows

and now here it is completed....  The top at least!!!  I need to take a better picture...  this doesn't do it justice...

OMG, it will take a while to quilt so I need to put only this one on the next quarter group.   I really do have to do better....
3)  This was the most important goal of the 3 months.  I entered the quilt in my guild's quilt show in June and all quilts are due in April.  It's a wool and flannel quilt that needs to be complete.  Here is what it should look like...  As I said I had to complete all corners and edges.  Took me a month to do one corner so I KNOW I had to speed it up.  I also had to   sandwich it and  hand quilt all of it.  Echo around each flower..

The Start - all 12 blocks done no corners

The end....  two corner blocks done.
First one
2nd one - they're identical, but the branches are different
So did I do all that I wanted, no, but I did move it on a little.  And I still think I can make my goals for entering these quilts in a contest.  Soooooooo  bad girl.... bad girl!!!!!  Need to get going....

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  1. These are lovely projects and will be wonderful when they are finished. I am glad you put some of them on the Q2 FAL list and look forward to seeing them all done.


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