Friday, March 20, 2015

Keep starting new quilts

Echo stitching around blocks.
Pebble stitching around flowers

And as usual, I want to finish my list but I get sidetracked because I have a number of quilts cut out, or I've purchased paterns and I want to try them.  I tried out my new curved ruler....  LOVE IT!  It's from Sew King of Wonderful.  I highly recommend it and the "Curve it Up" pattern has over 14 types of squares you can make with it.  I tried one out and this is the result.  So pleased with the ease of sewing the circles.  It's a MUST for every quilter.  The finished blocks are usually 16".

Finished a wool table runner I started two months ago.  Like every quilter, I have tons of books and I've made it a point this break that I would use these books.  I purchased a book called "Summer Gatherings" from Carriage Country Quilts. A lovely shop for a visit in Washington State, just a little south of Seattle.  Well worth the visit to the town of Des Moin, a small town by the ocean, with a great selection of fabulous quilts to look at, tons of material, and a wonderful classroom in the basement of this house that shows more BOM's all around.  When ever I go there I spend hours in the shop and there's a friendly sports bar near by to pop your husband in so you have the time to browse at your leisure  ;)

This is the results of one of their quilts (I did do beads on it but no picture of that sorry.:

Then I completed a set of table mats for my sister for her birthday.  I used the "Quilt Improv" book by Lucie Summers"  It's great to make perfect circles, like the ones below.  I used echo quilting to finish them off.  Looks great and she loved it.  Been very busy sewing in between visiting people I haven't seen in months.  She got four of them with four napkins I made, and they match the painting on the wall right by the table.

Now I have another one that I started, and made some of the blocks on the Elephant Parade by Sew Fresh Quilts.  It's a beautiful quilt for a child and they just made another one that has zebras that looks just as much fun.  Please check the web site out. The Elephant Parade has large elephants, small ones, flowers, a turtle, and frogs.  I've gotten them all done but the 13 small elephants.  So it's still a ways to go:

I seemed to be into Frogs there days, I purchased a pattern from Java House Quilts "You Must be Croaking".  All Frogs.  Karen Brows is an excellent pattern designer, all her patterns are fantastic.  Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me ;)  No I don't get royalties  ;)

Would love to get the "We Bearly Made it Pattern" but promised myself I would finish two quilts before I start that one.

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