Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Finish Along - Going Simple

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
So far in the 1/2 year that I've joined this group I have failed to complete what I've said I would complete.  I am still over doing it, with 5 BOM's and finishing last year's BOMs (most have their blocks done, it's to complete it and then free style quilt them).  

With this in mind I am making a list of only two things to complete in the next three months.  

This first one will take at least two months but I'm hoping to complete the online class by Leah Day "Free Motion Quilting a Quilt".  I completed the BOM I made by Amy Gibson "Craftsy Block of the Month 2012" and now I want to quilt it.  I loved the block of the month class and really learning in Leah's class as well.  But each video take about an hour and then there is the practice to do before doing the block on your quilt.  So last month  I only got one block down of the quilt, but I did free style stitch in the ditch the entire quilt, and I'm on my way to learning over 14 different styles of free motion quilting. 

Goal two is a quilt that I did do well one, I've got two corners completed, but I need to put it all together.  So here are example of the corner block (please excuse the cat - who doesn't have a cat that hangs around when quilts??? ).  Notice the green in the corner which goes around the quilt and has flowers on it as well.  It's time consuming, and I need to put it away every once in a while because my hand hurts, but that's the job.

I'm trying simple this time and focus!!!  But that's hard for an ADHD adult who needs to focus on three or four things to be a normal person  ;).

In between I'll be doing all the BOM squares that I'm a part of or I'm behind in.  That should keep me busy.

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