Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - Going Simple.

A Lovely Year of Finishes I'm getting really strict with myself. I have one goal and here it is:

The online class by Leah Day "Free Motion Quilting a Quilt" finishes/quilts the quilt I have made by Amy Gibson "Craftsy Block of the Month 2012"  Loved the block of the month class and really learning in Leah's class as well.  But the videos take about an hour and then there is the practise to do before doing it on your quilt.  So last month  I only got one block down of the quilt, but I did free style stitch in the ditch the entire quilt, and I'm on my way to learning over 14 different styles of free motion quilting.

Here is one block that was done last month.  

One section done.
Close up - learned paisley
And so I'm saying that I'll get this quilt done by the end of April (or at least half done!! - Just kidding).

That's it, and that simple.  I need to learn all these styles of free motion quilting in order to complete my sunflower pixelated quilt (see last posting) and to complete about 3 other quilts that are waiting for quilting.

Wish me luck.  The list is small and everything else will be a bonus, but the plan is to have 4 blocks a weeek completed so it gets done.

Here is a sample of what happens when I learn something new (I use it in other new things).

Completed using only scraps

Note the quilting

Just have the eye to embroider.  Like how I'm getting use to my machine and I'm beginning to thread stitch.  Lets hope my goal this month helps even more.  Ready to learn.

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