Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy "Thread the Needle" Day.

"Quilt with Love" just reminded me of what day it is today (it's also cousins day today).  I imagine that it's for hand sewing which is good since I was in the mood for hand sewing mostly, so here are some things I did today:

Started to package and get the hexies ready for the Wasimgton  DeMoin  Carriage Country Quilts "Row on Row Experience"  Love their wool and hexi pattern.

Practised on some hexies for another project.  I decided to make a hexi quilt.

And  finally doing a bit of wool to relax.  A UFO to complete from 2008 (boy is that old!!!).

Hope everyone is relaxing like me.  Enjoy the day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Working at catching up

Well, as we both know, I'm behind in my BOMs and that means sewing to catch up, but that's OK because I love to sew.  From my list (which I editted because I missed some things), you can see how long it is.  But I'm getting there.  Here is what I've done so far:

June's Block

March's block
Plus the two rows shown in the previous post, I'm on a roll.  I've also cut out Pat's vacation.  So I have many to sew there, tomorrow.  Getting there.  Short entry today, sorry.

Row by Row Experience

Two days ago for about three hours I started to catch up on my BOMs.  Last year I tried 9, and finished 3, this year I'm in 5 and I just signed up for another one from Bellingham, across the border.  I have to pick up the package every month, across the border.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy!!!  But it was such a lovely pattern (tea time - I love drinking tea;) and my safety guard - my best friend Gro - didn't stop me from buying into the pattern.  Gro and I were on a "Row by Row Experience" hop - collecting rows from BC and down by the border in Washington, and it was her job to make sure that I don't buy anything but the rows (I'm a recovering Fabric-aholic like most of us).  But with a $2 price on material for backing from A Great Notion in Abbottsford and then Fabric-Etc in Bellingham, I didn't stand a chance.

By the way, if you are in BC, you have GOT TO pick up the row at Laura's Fashion Fabrics at 1552 Johnston Road in White Rock - 604-531-3293

or the one at Fabric Notion (sorry no picture but it has the dogwood tree - BC's flower, a river with fish in it and bears going for the fish from the Fraser River - very BC) at 101 - 32526 George Ferguson Way in Abbotsford.

Both well worth the rides.

Here are two I HAVE completed - one from Tom's Sewing in Surrey, BC and the other is from downtown Seattle - a great shop right in PIke's market.  They have many patterns similar to this native art work.

Another picture - a better one of Tom's.
Sorry about the quality of the shot, but it shows how cute it is.  Loved it at first glance.

I have many different rows now and going off today to get more Canadian rows.  The idea is to make a quilt with the Washington rows and the 3 Arizona rows I picked up while on holidays.  I want to make a queen size quilt which means 3 rows across (each row is approximately 9" by 36") and at least 8 down, maybe 7 if I put the word Washington on the quilt in one section and Arizona on the other.  We'll see after the rows are completed and I can play and place them.  So many beautiful rows, I'll keep you posted, while I complete each one.

Off to 5 more in 2 hours here in the lower mainland.  Take care.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

To Do list for July..

OK, here it is this time, but now I have the summer  :)  So I hope do to some catching up because it's been so long since I've hand a serious quilting day.  Will I be able to do it?  I have the time, and some energy.  So I can get it going and get serious.
  • Pat Sloan's Vacation
    • January - Cut arealready - need to start
    • February - cut and sew
    • March - cut and sew
    • April - cut and sew
    • May - cut and sew
    • June - cut and sew
    • July - cut and sew
  • Animal Party
    • April
    • May
    • June
    • July
  • Elephant parade (this is for my Q3 section)
    • Complete flower block (need to cut new ones out and then make them)
    • Complete one bird block
    • Put it all together
    • quilt it.
  • Quilt the sun flower quilt.
  • Quilt Doodle BOM
    • April
    • May
    • June
    • July
  • Norma quilt (from the guild).
    • 2nd last blcok
    • last block
    • Center Block
    • Sew it all together
  • Block Lotto
    • Sun - 5 of them
    • Large Circles - 4 of tem to complete set
    • Cross bars - 3 of them  to complete set
    • Flowers
    • Arrows
    • Chains
    • Put them all together to complete last year's Block Lotto
    • Quilt it.
  • Aurifill's 2014 Garden Block
    • make one more block so it all fits together
    • Make border using 2 and a half strips cabin style.
    • Put it all together
    • Quilt it.
  • Aurifill Mini quilts
    • April
    • May 
    • June
    • July
  • Scrap BOM
    • January
    • Feburary
    • March (that's all I bought.
  • Apple blocks - make three more to add to the colleciton.
  • Blue Cocktail quilt
  • Pink and Green quilt
  • Snapshot quilt-a-long
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May
    • June
  • Online CRaftsy Class - Pre-cut quilts - Spool
  • 2015 BOM on Craftsy - haven't even started it.
  • Snow quilt
  • Quilt Seaside - haven't even started.
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
  • Quilted Landscape   
  • Gro's quilt
    • Block 1 - need to quilt
    • Block 2 - need to quilt
    • Block 3 - need to put together
  • Tumbling Blocks on Craftsy
  • Pixelated quilt eye
Is the list too long????

Wrapped in Colour - First Time showing quilts.

Well in the last post you saw my quilts I entered in the "Wrapped in Colour" show, and although I was extremely impressed with myself in regards to finishing my Prairie Flowers quilt (man did that kill my hand), there were so many better quilts.  

So here are some of the winners...
The Challenge Quilts - 25" 

Winners of the Challenge Quilts

Viewers Choices

3rd place - Wendy Whiting, Quilting with Norma
 Take a look at the quilting in this quilt!!!  Absolutely makes the quilt!!!  Hope I get this good.

Someone at the show said that you don't compare yourself to others, but to what you're at, and how much you've improved in the year.  I can only hope that I improve each time I do it.  Thus the courses I signed up for to do this summer from Craftsy.

Take a look at the classes:

One of my goals this section from the 2015 Finish Projects.

 This looks so interesting, would love to make one.

 Painting material and learning a new quilting style, excited...

My mother is always after me to make quilt art landscapes, thus this one.

Camille Roskelley's quick piecing with pre-cuts.  The water quilt was one from this class - there are two more quilts to make.  I'm starting the spool one.

That's plenty for the summer.