Sunday, August 30, 2015

Been Busy...

I've been very busy this week trying to get a few things off my work desk (literally - all my projects are in containers on my work desk.  It's very crowded and messy, and truly, I can no longer work like this.  I'm too embarrassed to show a picture of it.  To top it all off, I've been collecting "Row by Rows" like everyone else I'm sure, and those have been taking space.  At present I have over 50 of them (yes I know that's crazy), half from Canada and the other half from the US.  What does that mean?  Another project to make two queen size quilts.  It's starting to get too much!!!

So what does this all mean?  This week I've been finishing off projects that I've "almost" completed, and promising myself again, that I will not buy any more fabric, but use what I have.  I've also said to myself that that's it, I'm catching up on the actual BOM's that I started this year.  But once again, what does that mean?  It means I got my but in gear these last 3 weeks and I've been catching up or finishing off projects.  Here's some examples:

Catching up on my paper piecing for Quiet Time at the Zoo.  Two more to go, the Monkey and the Parrot.  I really love this pattern, so simple to follow, and great work by Kristy.

Found a wool sampler that I started in 2008 (you can see the date on one of the blocks).  Completed the two from the pictures below.

This one is now completed.

Sorry about the quality of this picture.

But now I have to set all of these together, because there were more, but I've lost the pattern, so I need to make something up for myself.

The Daisies are completed in this picture.
This project was just sitting there.  Made a giant pillow cover, that is now quilted and all.  This pattern is from Pat Sloan's Aurifil mini patterns.  Love this one, and it's modern look from Kimberly Jolly.  See some of her other work here at the Jolly Jabber ......

And finally one of the quilts completed from the Quarter of completing projects.  But I'll have more to say about that in another entry for submission for the Finish-Along for 2015 at the Windy Side.

Here's a sneak look at something from Sew Fresh Quilts - I've finished my Elephant parade!!!

The completed quilt!

Zig zag quilting with hearts as well.

More on this for the next posting.

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