Sunday, September 27, 2015

Starting to Play again

With the start of school again it's been a while since I did some quilting.  With a new course, needing to repair a number of computers, and birthday celebrations, I have not been able to get some quiet time to doing some quilting.  But at least this weekend I've been able to do some quilting, and it sure does make a difference to my mood.

So I had today and yesterday to play.  What did I do?  Take a look:

For Thanksgiving in my classroom.  You
hand it on the door.  It's quilted.

From Quiet Play - At the Zoo.
All Paper piecing.

At the Zoo again.  A monkey.  August.
Just two behind this time.

A wool quilt I found from 2008 when I started.
But I couldn't find the pattern, so I went
my own way.  2 1/2 inch squares of flower material around it.
The wool quilt is all completed, quilted around every square of flower material.  It has different types of stitching on each square which is what I took the class for.  I don't remember the name of this quilt nor the teacher unfortunately.  That will teach us all to be organized  :)

A great two days of relaxation, and accomplishments.  Not exactly a lot, but I"m still happy.  See this link to see what I was starting out with at the start of September, some squares and that's it!!  So I'm very happy with how it is.  I'll take more pictures and put them up in another blog so you can take a closer look. 

For now, that's it, time to stop.

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