Friday, July 29, 2016

OMG for July...

Holy cow!!!  I haven't done much this month!!!  Don't get me wrong, a trip to San Fran, then to Anaheim, picking up Row by Rows in Washington, Vancouver BC, Oregon (54 of them now - right now you're saying ARE YOU NUTS!!! and the answer is yes), 6 baseball games, a day trip to San Diego to walk on an Airplane Carrier - the USS Midway,  and finished up two quilts I was working on (see my other blog entries), but I did not work on the three quilts I wanted to....

OK, so I did take out the one quilt and start on it, but none of the rest.  Just stayed there.  What have I done?  

Some row by rows, some Splendid Sampler blocks, finished finally the Garden Tea Party quilt for my best friend, a new quilt for a friend of mine back in Manitoba, but none of the ones I said I would do...  So truthfully, I cannot submit anything for this month....  I'm a bad girl  :(

So for next month I am only listing one item for this month, because I'm gone for two weeks again....  and that items can be done by hand.  I am looking at three blocks from my Midnight Garden quilt.  It's a wool quilt.  The three I want to complete are the daffodil, the Iris, and the one with the white flowers.  I could do that (I hope).  If I do that then I'll have five of the blocks all completed (5 out of 12).  Anything else is a bonus....  

Linking up with Red Letter Quilts for the One Monthly Goal. It's great motivation to get something done.....  :)


  1. 54 Row by rows is a bit nuts, but I can certainly understand the addiction and look forward to seeing some of the patterns you are collecting! Will you be able to work on your August goal blocks while you are away?

    1. Hi Heidi, sorry about the late reply, I have been away a lot this month... But I did complete my quilt and gave it away right away, and I have done 3 row by rows in August so it's coming along, slow but steady says the tortoise :)


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