Thursday, July 28, 2016

Only a little time.....

I only had this morning to do a bit of sewing, but I'm really missing it, busy as I seem to be.  And I'm suppose to relax??  But I did have fun with a friend, went to the movie Finding Doree's Parents or something like that ;)    Great movie, almost two hours, but a lot of jokes that both adults and kids laugh to.  

So that left the morning for a bit of sewing and after seeing my friend @Sylvia continuing to do the Splendid sampler and staying on top of it (you can still join - all 6" blocks are listed here for download - it's great fun) I got motivated to do so as well.  So here is two more.  I still have tones to do, but I seem to enjoy paper piecing the most, and this is what the white one is.  Love how the lines all seemed to work together.  As for the other one, I wanted it to look like a lemon on a picnic blanket on the grass.  And to me it does.  Would love to do a few more before I leave for two weeks to see family, but I don't think it will happen.  

Here's a Row by Row from A Common Thread in Portland Oregon.  You had to fabric paint it with markers.  It was so much fun I have a second row to do of theirs.  Full of buildings and of course one of the buildings is a quilt shop.

And finally, here is a picture of San Francisco  Golden Gate Bridge. We walked across it one day.  Loved that.  

Take care, more to come I'm sure....  I'm on a roll, need to complete two quilts before I leave Sunday, and I'm booked tomorrow with another friend for a movie as well....  

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