Saturday, October 1, 2016

4th Quarter Fun!!!!

2016 FAL
Well the 4th quarter is the last quarter, and this one goes into Christmas.  I'm hooking this up to Leanne at "She Can Quilt" for the 2016 Finish A Long.

I have a couple of quilts that I need to make for gifts, but I also have a number of quilts that I want to complete because after this year, they'll be over 3 years old, and that just doesn't sit well with me.  Remember, I am a fabricaholic....

So what are my goals?  There are many, some that I did not finish the last quarter, some that I have all the material for, and it's just sitting there, and some BOM's that really need to be done, so I can start new ones..  I'm still going to do the BOM's of this year, listed below:

  • Midnight Garden (6 done, goal the last to do and then finish the quilt before Christmas)
  • Splendid Samplar - goal another 20 blocks.  That will make 40 six inch blocks, possibly enough to make a lap quilt.  
  • The Canadian Mystery Quilt by Shania Sunga Designs.  Will have 3 or 4 more by the end and ready to do the final put together.
  • Row by Row Water series - 2015.  Want to do 10 of them.  Two of them will be for gifts for this Christmas.
  • Row by Row Home Series - 2016.  Want to do 5 of them as well.
  • Craftsy Row by Row 2016 - Amish quilt.  It's started 2 months ago, so I need to catch up.  Looking at 5 sections to catch up with.
So the other big goal is to finish some of my blocks of the month quilts that I have started two years ago and need to end.  There are many of them and some have been on my list before, but this time I'll get them all done.

Here's the list of them, diagrams of where I am at, and other quilts that I would like to finish as eel.

I want to add a tree to the side of this quilt.  I call it Canada Parks, and there is just green on the right side, so I think a large tree running the full length of it would look fantastic.  For my guild's quilt show.
A quilt that I started with the tin club, but not enough was made as well there is some wool on it, so I would like to finish this one for Christmas.  It's squares, then corner squares, with a wool circle in the middle.   No picture
Vice Versa Block of the Month from 2014.  Have the straight lines to complete and one more block.  Will just need to quilt it.
As usual, the sunflower quilt. It's completed but this time I need to finish the quilting on it.  I started this a year and a half ago.  It will be one of my entries for my guild's show this summer.
I would like to do two more of these blocks.  I have two done.  So at the end that will be four.
From the Quilting guild, my star quilt.  I started this one two years ago, and it was suppose to be completed for that guild time, but I'll get it done for this one.
Complete 5 more blocks and finish the Lottery Block of the month from 2014
Snow Quilt - it's a row by row as well, and was a BOM.  Have all the material and some cut.   See my link on the side
Finish Quilting my BOM that I made with Amy Gibson, but the free styling quilting course from Craftsy is taught by Leah Day.  I've been at this one for about two years now.
Parisian Patches with some applique that I'm going to add.  Some of it is cut, but it's been sitting in a baggy just waiting to be completed.
Like everyone else I have a snowball quilt - similar to the picture on the side but with different material, that I have gathered up.  All old fashion, browns and blues.  It's a christmas gift for one of the secretaries.  Been sitting on this one as well for about 
This is one of my Quilty Boxes.  I love them, they're like a secret gift every month.  The problem is that with everything else I have going, this is one more added to the pile, so I have included one on this list, because I want to make these, and give them away as gifts for Christmas.  That's the plan.

Some to START

I've realized that I don't like finishing everything, that I need to start some goals of starting quilts that I wanted to start for a while.  Some of these quilts I have everything for them, the material, the pattern, etc and I had this for quite a while.  They're all bagged up, material, pattern and everything, but I need to start.  Having these bagged items is the same as having UFOs, they're taking up space and are overwhelming.

Modern Quilt from Quilt Magazine 
You and Me Quilt by Sew Chic.  I have all the material but I have not started it at all.  This one is new for me.  But I got all the material and such last summer, so it's a 2015 quilt.
This one is a gift for a friend.  It uses 2 1/2 inch strips, and it makes something similar to the picture on the right but it's in greens and browns.  Very earthy.  I have an idea exactly who it's for, a gift for Christmas.
It's big, its beautiful, and it looks fun.  This one is from McCall's Quick Quilts - October/November 2013 by Susan Guzman, and i've been dyeing to make it.  I have the material for the flowers, all Chinese material, I just need a matching background, then I'm off to the races.

I need to make 7 of these for Christmas gifts for the office staff and my department.  That's a lot but it doesn't take that much fabric.  one day of total usage (yeah sure   :)  What will happen?

I need to make a 25" by 25" block that is "Canadian" and has the colours red and yellow in it.    Looking at using the book Fying Colors by Gail Garber to design something with flying geese to canada.  It's appropriate.
Have the material, the pattern, and more to make this quilt into a laptop. Design by Shania Sunga Designs Excited to play with it.  Looking at adding some other geese in it.  We'll see.  Hoping to put this one in the Quilt Show as well.

The other matching one.  This one is called Freedom by Shania Sunga Designs.  She's the same person doing the BOM Canadian Mystery Quilt.
I have all these rolls just sitting there.  So this pattern is from a Craftsy class and I would love to make this one or it's partner that has driesdons in it.
Finally for me.  Another pixel one.  Either this one or the star trek quilt.  Both I have a fabric for but did not start.  I was making the Star Trek one for the Canadian theme of my guild, after all Star Trek is Canadian.  But this one is faster.  So we'll see.

That's it.  And that's a lot.  I'm hoping that I won't pick up anything else new, but continue to follow this list.


  1. I was looking at the Canadian flag table runner in a shop the other day, but I resisted. Good luck with all your projects!

    1. Well, that's it, I'm going to do that one right away just to make you buy it Lisa :)
      Actually I'm looking at making the red one lap size with Canadian geese at the bottom for my Guild's quilt show coming up. It's about Canadian quilts because of Canada's 150th anniversary next year.

  2. Wow, that's an ambitious list! Good luck finishing! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

    1. Thank you all for hosting this great event!!! I've accomplished so much this year already, and it shows in my tab of all the quilts done, and still more to come ;)