Saturday, October 1, 2016

3rd Quarter Update.

I had quite the list to do this 3rd period of quilting.  I've been extremely busy doing them and more.  Here are the ones that I said I would do and the finish products, side by side.

Quilting to complete

Art Deco by Siobhan Roger - COMPLETED

Garden Tea Party by the Quilting Company - Completed

Aurifil 2014 BOM - I call it the Secret Garden. - not completed. I added to the quilt to make it into a queen.  Did some quilting on the top, but still need to quilt the added pieces.  Doing "Quilting as you go" to this one.  NOT COMPLETED

My Sunflower Pattern that I made while learning Pixelation from a Craftsy class last year.  Darn it!!!.  I did do some quilting, all the dark quilting, but now I'm on the lighter brown.  This one will take forever!!!  NOT COMPLETED

Quilts to Make

Changing the 1st Grade Quilt by Me and My Sister Designs to a lap quilt - DONE

Celebrate Spring Panel Piece to be completed in the first month - I put the top together but need to quilt it.

Tulips by MH Designs - another one just sitting there.  Got this one done and on my table.  Only did four to fit my small living room table, but looks great.


Bowls for my mother.  NOT PART OF MY GOALS


  • Splendid Sampler by Pat Sloan and a number of bloggers.  I had about 20 to catch up with, would of been happy with 10 in this quarter, and I think I've met my goal - 21 in total.  Look at these below but there are more now, since I set the goal (every 4 days a new one comes up).

  • Canadian Mystery Quilt - Thought I would have 4 to do by the end of this quarter.  Have 3 done so far, so I'm pleased.  Was away for the last one and one was cancelled due to other blocks being given out.

And continuing on with the Midnight Garden BOM .  Wanted to do one a month and I've made it.  Four of them done. DONE


  • And of course the Row by Row from last year.  Want to complete 15 this term, and get that USA  queen Row by Row quilt done.  I've already started the 2016 collection.  But did not meet my goal.  NOT DONE.

I painted the above myself, but the bottom is a christmas gift to my aunt.  With two placemats as well

The pattern above is from downtown Seattle - Undercover Quilts. - Wonderful quilt block to make - it's from the 2016 row by row entitled "Home"

EXTRAS (as usual:) Completed

Two new dish towels - pattern by Meags and me "birdie" . Material L's Modern 2015 Spring

Great background material
Front of pillow

Free pattern Spock by Vanda Chittenden found on Fandom in Stitches.

Crazy but pleased with all I have done.  Linking up with the  2016 Finish-A-Long

2016 FAL

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  1. Lovely finished quilts! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts


Another one done.....