Saturday, October 1, 2016

October and the weather has changed....

In British Columbia that means rain, but that's ok because you get to stay in and do some sewing.  It also means in the teaching business the start of flu and cold sharing.  Which was what I've been doing the last three days, sick to my stomach with the flu.  But I did get some quilting done.  I did finish last month's goal early (See here for the butterfly quilt I made - I missed the link date somehow but I'm proud of what I did) so I'm hoping to do the same thing this month.  

This month is a new start with material and a pattern that I bought last summer.  I think that's long enough on the shelf, don't you?  :)  Here's a picture of my start.  The pattern is from Zen Chic, it's called "You and Me" and I've wanted to do this pattern for ages.  I bought all the material that summer but I was trying so hard to finish my older ones.  But in October I want something new and finish it then and there.  Plus this one will be great fun to quilt or rather practise my quilting.  This was also my thing to accomplish in September for "All the People's Quilt" UFO challenge.  See the update for that here.  This month I'm leaving just to focus on that month.

I also (as usual) have a second one -  My quilt from Aurifill which is two years old.  It's completed, I was trying to get it done for the past three months.  It's a no brainer, I'm almost done, so I'm doing this one.  

I'm linking up to to Red Letter Quilts - One Monthly goal.  I've been doing great with these goals, so thank you Heidi!!!!!  It's going to be great.


  1. Sending healing wishes and good luck with achieving your goal.

  2. Oh, I hope you have recovered and feeling energetic, this seems like a big goal! Looks like a super-fun pattern to put together!


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