Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thread Art Class and Update of my Challenge.

Been all day to a quilting lesson from a wonderful woman, Correen Zerr.  She presented how to do Thread Art, and my goodness there was a lot of learning.

Check out her web site at .  I learned so much, tread art, making three dimensional objects, using stabilizer (yes believe it or not I never used it before), printing on material, and so much more.  Correen would teach you something, then off you go for an hour or two for sewing and trying the technique, then something else new, then an hour or two to work on it. She has wonderful timing, and is a fantastic teacher.  She knows how to encourage without ordering her pupils what to do.  She gives freedom as an individual to do what you want but she encourages you to challenge yourself and that's what I did, I tried things I never did before thanks to Correen.

See my work below, I amazed myself as well.

On fabric and stabilizer.  Love the colours.

On dissolving background so it will become a 3D addition.

top on is Correen's, bottom one is mine.
Great for Christmas gifts on bags.  Love doing the thread art,
it's relaxing.

Thanks Correen for teaching me so much.

I  thought I would also update my "All the People's Quilt 2016 UFO Challenge".  I'm very happy how most of this is happening.  Wasn't very happy a couple of months ago.  But November's month is #9 and I'm already done that one!!!  So I'm very happy with what's going on here.

Status Before
Status Afterward
1)  Pixilated Sunflower I created
All cut out and sewn, needs to be quilted.
April- Still quilting but now I've started the petals and this one is really going to be quilted beyond control!
2)  Birds on a wire from Quilt Mania
Have a birds cut out, and some of the small quilts.  Need to continue to put them on and quilt entire thing.
January - FINISH at the start of March - and it's fantastic.  See 2016 quilts tab above for a picture.

3)  Midnight Garden
All material there but haven’t cut anything
March - Well, I now have 6 blocks completed, and 6 to go.  I am almost finished 1 more (the pansies) and have the rose all cut out
4)  Garden that’s applique and wool – block of the month
All material is there but nothings been sewn or quilted.
July - Next year is another year  :) .
5)  Blue stars
Two stars made, need to come up with idea to bind
February - Have the design.  Need to complete but not on any of my lists. 
6)  Houses – block of the month
All material is there,
August - Next year is another year for this one too!
7)  Block Lotto quilt - scraps
Missing 10 blocks – last two months, needs to be put together and quilted
OCTOBER - Working on this one right now.  I'm quilting it, so it should be done by the end of this month.
8)  Green strip quilt
Quilts entirely made except for a side edge to make it a queen size quilt.  Need to put on sashing then quilt it all
9)  Lily quilt - all flowers
All completed.  Even sold.  Need to quilt it.  
NOVEMBER - FINISH - Look at this link.  It turned out really well.    
10)  two more quilts from the book PreCut Primers – authors Me and My Sister Designs.
These use small little precuts to create.  
11) Modern quilt - quilt as you go...
New technique learned.
12)  Chic Pattern
using a precut of 10 inch squares.  Easy - looks great.
SEPTEMBER.  Have everything ready to start.  On my list for the last quarter of quilts to complete.  Am DEFINITELY getting this one done soon.  Love the pattern.

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