Saturday, November 5, 2016

One monthly Goal has moved!!

Elm Street Quilts

Patty at Elm Street Quilts is doing it now!!!  It's still the same, and she'll be doing it for the rest of 2016 and next year as well.  Yeah!!!!!  Another year of it, because it does help me!!!  Buy thanks to Heidi at Red Letter Quilts for doing it all this time!  It's a big job and you did a fantastic job at it as well.

OK, was too busy last month to submit anything but I'm doing it now.  So much to choose from, so I'll make it easy on me.  Been working on this one, starting to piece it together, it's my block Lotto quilt that is 2 (yes two) years old.  Need to get my UFO's down, because I keep on starting new ones, and I have one I want to start for Christmas for my cousin.  Here's what it looks like now, not sewn together, just placed, but we'll see if that's how it ends up.  Really modern right?  Made it with as many wild colour material that I could find in my stash, then brought it all together with that cool colour green.  Good luck to me!  Have fun everyone.

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  1. Great colors in that quilt! Thanks for linking up with One Monthly Goal - good luck on your finish!


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