Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Year's Resolutions are Time Consuming

Everyone makes them, and everyone has the best of intentions to make them come true.
 It's good to set goals, and especially good if you make reachable/attainable goals.  I've made some that I believe are attainable.

I have the usual one of losing weight and I started that in September because friends of mine had lost weight and they encouraged/motivated me to start.  So far 27 pounds (5 telephone books!!).  I'm proud of this accomplishment and I'm keeping it up, hoping to lose about 15 more.  It's a realistic goal, not a goal to be the same shape and size as when I was a teenager, but to a healthy and slim look.  I have the items I need to accomplish this (got some healthy cookbooks, a scale, joined Weight Watchers online in September and for the last 15 joined Weight Watchers meetings because I read that the meetings really help in the end.  Goal #1 looking good.

I also wanted to increase my exercise time.  I had let some things slide last year because of all the hardship I was going through.  So in December I got the things I needed in place to reach my goal:  husband got me a fitbit that reads to Weight Watchers, joined some challenges that encourage me to do it, got another pair of runners to leave at school so I don't have to carry shoes all the time when I do my walk at night.  Things are looking good here as well, went from 10,000 steps a day (what everyone should do in a day) to 12000 this week.  Meeting Goal #2.

They say only have three goals because too many started and you'll drop them.  Goal #1 and #2 were started previously, and the 3rd goal was also started in September, that was my acrylic painting.  I resigned for more lessons and I'm enjoying it tremendously.  Goal #3 to paint a rather large scene of a wave hitting a wall.  It's a fantastic picture and I'm painting a small version right now to learn how to do water, but I have confidence in myself and my teacher that I'll do it.

My final goal for this year (yes I have a Goal #4), to enter 5 quilts into the quilting guild's show.  So far I have two completed.  But the other three?  Who knows.

So why this rant (is it a rant???)?  It's time.  I love all my goals, and I want to accomplish each one, but with a job, it's very hard and quite tiring to do all of this.  What do I mean?  Well, lets see:

Every morning trying to walk at the school from 7:30 - 8:15

Monday:  Acrylic Painting 6:00 - 8:00
Wednesday:  Weight Watchers 6:30 - 7:30 sometimes 8:00
Thursday:  Laundry for the house.
Friday:  vacuuming, cleaning the place
Saturday:  time with the husband but also grocery shopping
Sunday:  Cook all the meals for the week which takes about 4 hours.

And in between that there's the correcting and prepping for my job as a teacher, exercising after we have supper to run for about 30 minutes on the treadmill, and getting some "me" time and seeing my friends that I don't see during the week.

OK, see the pattern here?  I want to paint at home and I want to quilt to complete some of the great quilts I'm making, but where is the time?  

Sometimes goals are good and changes are good.  They say that what ever changes you make, do them one at a time and do them for 30 days to make it a habit.  This Ted Talk changed my life 4 years ago.

Take a look:

So, if Matt can do it, I'll try.

As with my students I always ask them for "Evidence of Learning".   Here's some evidence of my painting improving (this entire blog is of my quilting getting better).  They are in order.

Here is some of my quilting that I've done since this new year has started, for relaxation.  Already showed them to my guild:

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler is almost over with 100 blocks in total.

My "Owl" pin cushion for a friend at the Guild.

Just started, Flying Geese

Manitoba block completed from a BOM for a Canadian Quilt.

Christmas quilt that I got during Christmas.  Just completed it with quilting around each square.  Flannel at the backing, of snowmen :)

Table topper for a house warming gift for friends that moved into their new place about 4 months ago.  At least I got them something.  Look at the quilting below.

That table topper is my own design.  Love how the black pops things.  None of these quilts are on my list of goals to complete, or my goal of a month.  But I did have fun finishing off some UFOs, so that's important to me.

So can I keep this up?  Who knows, but it would be interesting to see how long I can keep it up.  Just remember (and it took me a long time to know this), you don't have to complete everything on your list (see my Finish Alongs lists which are crazy!!), just as long as you have fun trying.

So far I'm still having fun.
And I'm still smelling the flowers
From my husband  :)

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