Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017's New Quarter Start.

Well, another year's gone by with a lot accomplished (see the tab above marked 2017) to see all that I've accomplished in the way of quilts.  And a large part of it is thanks to the 2016th Finish Along (FAQ).   I've always been a big fan of making lists and the group at the Finish Along has always helped me to think about it, as well as enter all my list of items.  And as luck would have it they're doing it again.  

So here it is, another list for me to try to complete.  If I do two or three of them I will be very happy, but I will try to list all of them.  I'm hoping for two very special ones to be completed.  You've seen them often on my list, but here they are again.

Goal #1:  I've completed 6 of the wool projects, and I'm hoping to complete the other 6 of the Midnight Garden.  Here is one example, 6 more to go....  I love doing these but it takes at least a month to do it.  So keep an eye on this blog to see what can be done...  It's a beautiful quilt.

A 2nd goal to to finish at least 8 more fibre art leaves to add to one of my quilts.  The quilt is called Canadian Parks, all green, yellow and red.  But now I'm adding a fibre art tree that is over 5 feet tall (already started), and all the leaves (10 leaves) that will be splattered around the tree.  I have to do this, as well I quilted this king size quilt (I have quilted the death out of it) so much, but when quilting it I wanted to quilt around the word "Canada".  But unfortunately (really feel stupid about this) I quilted the word "Cananada".  That's a big "Ops".  

So now I have to go over a "na" but unfortunately it's in the middle of the word, so thus the leaves. I'm hoping the tree will cover it and then the leaves to do the rest.  It's all about planning, and seriously, I don't have a big plan, I'm just letting FATE guide me.

Now on to my 3rd goal.    Another job I started when I did a fibre art course I practised on two  different flowers.  Both are not completed, but I would like to do so when I'm making the leaves.  So here's the plan, complete these two flowers and put them on a bag or purse.  I would love to have these on that or even a T-shirt .  Would look spectacular.

I even have a picture of my cat that was put on fabric so I can have that completed as well.  I'm counting it as my 3rd goal though, just because it's the same thing.  But the bag is the main thing and I'm excited about this one.

Here's my 4th goal.  This one was constant on my list.  I got the whites, I got everything together, and I even printed out the letters for the "you & me" writing.  This should not take any time at all, so I want this one done probably this weekend.  It will look spectacular!!   And I want something nice and easy as well as big (65 by 85), something great to cuddle by.

Here's my 5th goal.  It's one that's been on this list about five or six times.  It is suppose to be for the guild show, and I need to add beads to it.  So all that's left is to quilt it then bead it.  That should take at least seven hours.  Simple and easy to do.  I'm so excited about this, my own design, my own pattern, everything is mine on this one.  I'm so excited!!!

Goal 6th:  This is another one that's been a constant on this list.  It's the quilting of the quilt that I made two years ago.  This quilt is spectacular, it's all done, but now I'm learning how to quilt it through Leah Day.  There are twelve squares and each square is done differently.  I'm learning to quilt through this course, but I also love the quilt that I made because of the colours of the quilt.  Here's a picture of the quilt as is, with 3 blocks completed.  I have the nine left to do.  Above is an example of one of the blocks that was completed.

Here's the final one.  Goal #7.  The Vice Versa quilt Block of the Month Club form 2014.  I have all the blocks but the last two months done (it's two blocks a month), and then adding the plain material in between the strips.  So this one is also doable in one day.  It's the quilting that worries me.  It is suggested to do straight quilting at an angle to complete this one. See an example of one of the blocks I have completed above.

That's a big list but one that is doable in my books (or at least a couple of them :)  So wish me luck, I want the quilting done and at least two more that will be ready for quilting for the next quarter.  Good luck to us all.  

A great start to the New Year.  


  1. Oops did you mean to link this post to the Finish Along link up!? Have looked on the FAL link up and cannot see it there - have let Leanne know just in case, as today is the last day to link with that one.

  2. No worries I have linked your list to the FAL link up as I didn't want you to miss out!

    1. Thanks Nicky for doing that. Did not realize that I linked to the wrong one.


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