Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another quarter here and gone, as well as 2016

2016 FAL
Well the 4th and last quarter is here, and it's done.  I'm hooking this up to Leanne at "She Can Quilt" for the 2016 Finish A Long.

OK, in the last three months I have once more purchased some quilt blocks, so I'm upset.  It's over 60 quilts to make now.   Remember, I am a fabricaholic....  But I did complete many quilts this year, and many of them are queen size so I'm still feeling good about the entire thing.  So lets get to it, and show what I did complete this term.  And if you want to see the entire year in review, you can go to my page of the 2016 quilts completed at this link.

My original list is here, and many of them are not done, so I won't bore you with the ones partly, completed, I'll get right to the ones that are fully completed.  

Here's a list with diagrams of where I was at and where I am now.

Got two potholders completed but I gave them away before I could take a picture.

I got one done for a very good friend of mine.  So even though I wanted to get more done, I'm happy with at least one.

All quilted and all completed.  I'm extremely pleased at how the pattern took off.

Well, although this was my list (above) I did do a number of extras, and they were on the list at one point of time, so I'm OK with showing them all.  See below:

Premie quilt for the hospital.

Gift to my aunt for Christmas.

Quilt on my bed.  A queen size quilt.

Pillow case for star wars.

A wall quilt from Manitoba.

My table topper - Butterflies.

A quilt for my cousins in Manitoba.  Art Deco - beautifully quilted.

Well, it was busy, but not with what I signed up for.  Still, a great year of sewing.  Thanks for helping to push me to get going on some of these  :)


  1. You have so many lovely finishes! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

    1. Thank you Leanne for the compliment and thank you and the FAL hosts for doing this for those of us who are trying to catch up and finish our UFOs


Another one done.....