Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Was busy last weekend.....

And do you want to see what I finished?  OK!!

One of my Quilty Boxes.  Finally.  I love receiving these, but I never seem to find the time to do them, and meanwhile, the patterns and material (because you sure do get alot in those boxes - and the most amazing tools as well), keep on piling up.  But I made a promise to myself to get a few done, and this is one of them.  Isn't the redwork (the sewing) fabulous in the middle.  I'm so proud that I did it all myself.  Over a period of time of course  :)

And here is another one of those great row by rows.  But this one I'm keeping for myself.
The details.

and this one is staying on the back of my couch, where my lovely cat has decided with this quilt it's the most comfortable place to be.

3 blocks from a quilt that a friend gave me to replace the tea pot quilt that I made her.  This one is a little small, but all batique which makes the material something to die for!!!!

Four more for the Splendid Sampler.  I have 40 so far, and there's 100 to complete.  But I'm taking it easy and enjoying the process, because there's lots to learn on this one.

I've also completed another block for the Canadian Mystery quilt.  But you'll have to wait for that one.  All this and not one thing from my quarterly list of things to do for the first 3 months of the year.  I better get going on that.  Oh, and I did do a lot of work on my quilt for my quilt guild.  The tree is attached to my modern quilt and two of the thread leaves.  It's on it's way and I'm very excited about it.  Stay tuned for that one.  It's the only way you'll see something of the quilt before I had it in.  I think I have to complete the form first, then hand it in at the May meeting.  That's just 3 months away so I have to hurry.  I have one completed, this one on it's way, and one (the challenge quilt) that I have not even started, but I do have a pattern in mind.  

Stay tuned.

My Modern mini is here!!!

I didn't realize that I put the address of the school on my application for my Modern Mini exchange.  My partner is from Nebraska, her name is Megan.  Here's her web site to see some of her work.  And her Instangram account.  She's really into modern quilting, an area that I am currently going into, so Megan, thanks for encouraging me with that great blog entry.  I am very pleased with it.  Already it's out on one of my tables in the living room.  Right on an antique table by my husband.  Love the contrast between the antique side table and so modern a piece. I love the stitching that was done on the bottom and top, in the perfect thread (yes Megan I'm into thread a lot lately.)  Megan did a section of Alison Glass's Feather Quilt.  See the link for the web site.    I love her stuff as well.  I bought the Timber pattern.  See below for the Feather Quilt.

I say you go for it Megan and make it.  Love how some of the pieces are strips and some are full pieces, just like you did in your mini to me.  That was outstanding.

What do the rest of you think?

By the way, in case you're interested, here is my modern mini to someone in Toronto.  I hope they like it as well.

I did some inking around each shape to give it a three dimensional look.  It's dark yellows, and gold in the corner, and then the t-dye greens.  I quilted the heck out of it, and it's 25" by 25".  I put a piece on the back to hang it on a wall.  I was really pleased with the effects.  What do you think?  She's got it by now.  I mailed it two weeks ago before the 17th.

thanks again Megan.

Friday, February 17, 2017

OMG for February is completed!!!

The flying geese for my OMG is completed!!!!  It doesn't look as good as I thought it would in my living room, so I'll try something else, but it is definitely pretty.  And it was so simple to make.  Each square is from a layer cake.  You put together then you cut half way in the middle, mark the centre on top (5") and cut the triangle to the centre.  Swap the triangles you cut (because you had the two) and put back the square which turns into a rectangle because of the 1/4 margin sewing.  In the end you cut the rectangles back to squares.  I used the extra ones (because there were) for the back.  I am  so early for this, it makes me so happy!!!!  But I must admit it's because of the snow days in our district.  As a teacher I was off for three days because of the danger of driving with snow on the ground in Vancouver BC.  Many people here don't have snow tires, let alone all purpose.
The back of the quilt is flannel.  I love the design, it looks very practical, and very modern.  Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it and I got the last of it for this quilt.  It matches so well with the look of the quilt.

The quilting was done on every dark section, just a simple wandering quilting.  Nothing on the light fabric, so I went around some triangles, then I went on the triangles.  The border around was to make it larger, and I did some of my fancy stitches on my machine for something new to do.  I like the look of it.

Do you think it goes in my living room?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Snow Day

The Surrey School District (along with numerous other Districts) cancelled schools today. It was a good thing since I have the stomach flu today. It was a very snowy day today - see the night time view..

The snowploughs can't keep up.

So I stayed home, slept and did some sewing. Want to see?

My Goal of the Month is coming along nicely. This entire quilt is with a layer cake. Excellent design with matching up quo pieces, cutting them together, then just changing the triangle and sewing them back together again, it makes a 9" square in the end. The colours are sublime. Wanted to make it bigger so I have added a border. This is the first quilt that I am making with the intention of keeping it for myself. It will match the colours in my living room.

I also did one row by row (water series - 2015) just because it was there.
Ducks in a Row by Ibea's Quilting & Crafts Galore Ltd. in Williams Lake, BC. It's cute. Now I have to count how many Canadian ones I have done. 😉

This last one is from Saturday sewing. I had some extra material and found some stitching I did a while ago. I didn't want another pillow cover so I made a Valentine quilt. A friend of mine said I needed one in my classroom. I still need to do the binding and more quilting on it, but I like the effect. It's my first quilt that I designed from start to finish. I won't quit my day job 😁

I did spend some time cleaning my office as well as organizing my patterns. I feel good about that. I feel good about the day, even though I am sick. My room is getting cleaner, and some quilts are being completed. It was a good day even with my stomach flu.

To tell the truth, the flu helps me with my diet, so it's good as well.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What I did get done for January

I put in my goal for February but I never stated what I did get finished for the month of January.  There was a challenge mini modern quilt that I signed up for, and it's all done.  Now I have to send it off.  It's 25" by 25".  The quilting is crazy.


Quilting like crazy.  I even used ink to color in some shadowing but it didn't show up in the picture.

My Canada BOM is going great.  Above is Manitoba and the crocus provincial flower.  I am behind two and have two more to go.  Hoping to complete this for the quilting guild's show.

My pin cushion for a member of the guild.  I loved making it. 

and although I showed this quilt at my meeting with the guild, it's all quilted now, even with a label  :)

Continuing on with the Splendid Sampler from Pat Sloan and a number of star quilters.  There are 100 blocks for the sampler at 6" each, so that's a lot of blocks.  I have about 30 of them completed.  I don't think I'll do them all, but I'm hoping to get most of them.  Stay tuned to see it all   :)

That's a lot for one month, I'm excited to add right away a number of quilts already completed.  Adding them to my 2017 completed quilt page above.  Hoping to beat last year's quilt listing (amount).

Trying for the goal for February!!!

OK, I never made the first goal but I'm determined to make the next.  This goal is a quilt that's cut out and half sewn, but not completely.  Here is what it looks like right now and the pattern is a Craftsy one, all the geese just running around, but with great batiks, so I'm excited about when it will be done.  

I'm simplifying my life, and simplifying this.  So wish me luck.  I'm hooking up to Elm Street Quilts "One Monthly Goal".  Stay tuned.

Elm Street Quilts