Sunday, April 2, 2017

2nd Quarter Entry.

OK, so here it is at the end of February and where am I at with my 6 goals?  No where....  Darn....  I did do somethings, and I'll show you my new goals for this next quarter, although I have to tell you I might be moving, so 

Goal #1:  Complete the Secret Garden - A wool quilt with three blocks to go.

2nd goal Do at least 8 more fibre art leaves to add to one of my quilts.  The quilt is called Canadian Parks, all green, yellow and red.  The fibre art tree is finished and looks fantastic.  I have put it on the quilt, now for a few fibre leaves (at least 10 leaves) to splatter around the tree.  I also picked off the extra CA I sewed in by accident (I'm such a dunce!!!) when I was spelling Canada.  It was CANANADA, but now it's NANADA, so now I have to find the right thread (match what I have) before I fix this one.  I decided not to cover the Canada, keep it, because it looks so good.  And then I'm looking at using the Ink set to shade in the words more, so they are more noticeable.  It should look great when done, more noticeable, outstanding!!

The tree higher than 6 feet
CANANADA to unpick

My 3rd goal  is fibre art as well. I practised on two  different flowers for threading and now they are just sitting there.  Both were not completed, but I want to finish them when I was making the leaves. I want to add them to a sweatshirt that I'll make. That means finding material that matches, sewing the shirt, and then adding them.  A pick rose would be spectacular.  Ambitious I know, but I'll try. 

Here's my 4th goal.  This one was constant on my list.  I've  completed the "you & me" quilt.  All put together, but what it needs is quilting and that takes a long time because it's so big.....  It's a very simple project and only took a weekend but the quilting is taking forever.  I love machine quilting and I'm putting on squares all over it.  But that will take me at least two months, because you can only quilt for about 2 hours a day and then need to take a break.  That's the problem  :)   I have started though, in the upper corner and bottom section.

Here's my 5th goal.  It's one that's been on this list about five or six times.  It is for the guild show, and I need to add beads to it.  I have quilted it, and the thread is a perfect match.  I used my rulers and they certainly made the difference but the dark brown is all small pebbles to look like the sunflower seeds.  There are so many tiny circles on it.  I did one session of an hour (shoulders got sore), then another hour and a half at the end of February.   I'm so excited about this, my own design, my own pattern, everything is mine on this one.  I'm so excited!!!  But it's painful work quilting it.

Goal 6th:  This is another one that's been a constant on this list.  It's the quilting of the quilt that I made two years ago.  This quilt is spectacular, it's all done, but needed quilting.  There was a FREE class on Craftsy on how to do it.  When you finished the quilt Leah Day had a course on how to quilt each and every squares differently so you can learn about 15 different quilting ways.   I'm learning to quilt through this course, but I also love the quilt that I made because of the colours of the quilt.  Above is an example of two of the blocks that was completed.  But as usual I got side tracked with a couple of other projects that were also just laying around so I did them.  They were not on my list.  They'll be blogged in another entry.

Here was the final one. Goal 7 - The Vice Versa quilt Block of the Month Club form 2014.  I had all the blocks but the last two months done (it's two blocks a month), and then adding the plain material in between the strips.  So this one is also doable in one day.  It's the quilting that worried me with all the other quilting on this list, and I tend to quilt like crazy.  It is suggested to do straight quilting at an angle to complete this one. See an example of one of the blocks I have completed above.  The colours are very old fashion for a modern quilt, but I wanted to see what happened if you do that.  

And my final Goal  #8:  finishing a Quilty Box with a pattern to make "Pink Lemonade".  It's a strip quilt, all is ready for me.  I have cut out some, but not a lot.  Not much to show.  It's been 2 months for this one, and I want to get it done.  

And OK, I'm adding this to the list after the fact (an hour later) - challenge to myself, 3 more row by rows..... That's Goal #9

Anyways, that's my next quarter list with I'm sure a number of extras that I HAVE to stop adding.

Good luck for everyone.

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