Sunday, April 2, 2017

Finishing a few things

Well it wasn't a great month of finishing but I did get a few quilts done, and I should be happy. Also I started two new questions, but still need to push myself to get some of the quilting done.  Lets get into it right away:

One for premie babies.  From my guild Fraser Valley Quilters Guild

The front of it.

I quilted it all around the panel, and more. You can now see the bark on the tree.

I love this one!!!!  Colour play from Alison Glass.  From March's Quilty box.  
It was so fun to play with the colours.  You got a Cake of fabric, you cut them into 5" squares
and you played with the placement.  See the results below.

It's outstanding.  And I did black all around for binding to really pop the colours.

The quilting was simple, corner to corner, all over it.  It says something.  
This took 3 days, and was worth the sewing on the binding to get this effect.  
I think I'll keep this one   :) 


  1. Hi Nicole, those are two great finishes. Isn't it amazing how FMQ a panel makes all the difference? It's really cute. And I love your Colour Play quilt. It is a keeper!

    1. Thank Andree and thanks for reading my blog. It always amazes me when others admire what I'm making. Thanks again.

  2. Hey there Nicole, Will be seeing you soon at FVQG evening meeting! You changed up your blog or was it done for you???? Love the quilts. Glad you are continuing to post updates! Let me know if you found a new home on Tuesday...I hope all is going well. Cathy

    1. I did it myself, changed the layout with two clicks of a button. Still working on my final projects and they look fantastic!! So excited for our quilt show to show them off! See you next quilt meeting.