Sunday, August 27, 2017

Busy Week...

Well, I have one week left and still a lot to do on my list, but I am on the move.

I promised that I would do the following:

  1. The Zen Chic Black and White King Size quilt that needs to be quilted, it's all together already.
  2. Put together 16 row by rows to make two panels for my barn door (see previous blog on what I am trying to do).
  3. A plan pattern for another barn door I am planning.
  4. Finish the Candian Quilt BOM by Shania Sunga Designs.  This one is quite far along.....
  5. Three more Row by Rows form this season that's really 4 row quilt from Pacific Fabrics (getting the 4th one in about a month and then I just want to put it together.  It's a wall hanging.
  6. Four more Row by Rows from two seasons previously.
  7. A cover for my freezer that is out on the top patio.  To protect the freezer from the rain.
  8. Midnight quilt - one block left to complete.
  9. A red embroidery piece of two kids together that I want to frame and hang up in my office.
OK that's nine things.  How am I doing so far after a busy week?

One row by row completed from this year's season.  I promised not to buy any this year except for the Pacific Fabrics wall hanging but this one is gorgeous.  I got the pattern, found some batique and here it is.  Sorry about the picture not being to clean but as you see the colors are great.

And this wasn't on the list, but I've been working on a Christmas gift for my nephew, and this is the results.  It's done, and about 1/2 quilted around all of the leaves.  Totally worth it.

Love the Canadian Geese...

Makes it all worth it doesn't it.  What do you think?  Worth it!!!I think so. That's two done in the long list of quilts to complete.  It's the quilting that takes so long.  So two to show to my guild.


  1. Oh wow, the quilt with the geese is stunning.

  2. Thanks Lisa Marie. I'm adding 3 more geese at the bottom of it, to balance it out more. It a pattern from Shania Sunga Designs, called "Homecoming". The pattern is for 33" x 16 and a half so I modified it to make it bigger, and changed a few things. I'm very pleased with it.


Another one done.....