Sunday, August 27, 2017

What is a Barn Door?

Are you asking this question?  You're probably asking the question what does this have to do with quilting?

Well, I have a door that leads to my extra bedroom which is now my quilting room.  It opens from the extra bedroom to the dining room and then looks out to the double door patio.  There's the light and there's the rub.  I need that light.  I'm in a loft/condo.  The wall where the door is has one side that is 26 inches wide and the other is 32 inches wide.  Both are support walls for the loft above. So I can't have those doors that slide into the wall.  So where does that lead me?  To barn doors like the picture below.

From Wayfair

They look great don't they?  Except the one on the left  is $1400 Canadian for everything but installation, but just a plain doors.  The mechanics for it are about $600.  The door that are a little unique range from $1,500 to $1700 per door (and don't forget I need doors that are no bigger than 26" wide and two of them).  The walnut one above is my favorite but it's $3,159 for two doors only....  So, what do you do???

Being the mother of all invention and rather frugal, I decided to make mine.  To quilt the doors and to make sure they're quilted like heck for the stiffness of a door.  Also, I'm weighing mine down with pennies.   Soon to come...

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