Monday, May 21, 2018

Busy Sunday

Actually it's been a busy weekend, but what else is new about that!!!!  One good thing about being ADHD I get a lot done.  For those of you that don't really know what ADHD is it's Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood.  Usually it's hereditary.  My father was like that and so was my older brother.  ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder of children. People with ADHD can be hyperactive and unable control their impulses'm honest to being blunt, and talk really fast, to the point of missing words.  Knowing me is knowing how to fill in the blanks when talking to me  :)   Luckily I have great friends.  I do get side tracked easily, and can't read a book but I can read 3 books at a time and not mix them up and I can't do a repetitive pattern but I can do more than one quilt with each having a repetitive pattern, so I don't get bored easily, and YES I get  bored really easily, thus the trouble paying attention. 

So why am I telling you this?  Because one of the quilts I just finished was a repetitive pattern and it did take me a long time finishing it for that simple fact, and the fact that it was fussy.  But it was so fun, and it's gorgeous so I'm trying another one.  I got the pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful.  They have two books out, and you can get them at their blog or at  The book I used was One Wonderful Curve.  You can see the pattern at this link.    I used all types of greens, anything in my stash, and some in my cut up pile.  But the background is the grunge material that I love so much.  I believe I used two gunge greens as well.  The results is the picture.  Both are completed.  You can open them up.  They cover a 54 inch door.  So instead of getting a barn door constructed to cover the door, I've put up a curtain rod right across the wall, and make quilts that are the length of the door, and are 26" across which covers the door, and a bit more.  This is the second barn door that I made.  The first was my Canada 150 created by Shania Sunga Designs.   
Sorry about the bad picture.  But here it is up.  Next time it's up, I'll take a better picture

This one is good

Now, that's not the only one I completed.  As I said I hate doing the same thing over and over again, so I built another one at the same time.  See below:

A poppy caught in the sunlight.  This pattern was created by Elaine Quehl.  She also dyed the fabric and sold it as a kit.  It's 27" by 24".   You can follow her blog at her work is amazing. 
So here is the place of honor where it hangs, perfect!!!

I've also completed a couple more of my BOMs but that's for another time to show you.  That's two down from my 2018 Finish list (2nd quarter)  - #3 and #12.  Also one down from my American Patchwork Quilting list.  And my OMG (One Monthly Goal) from Elm Street Quilts is now completed!!!  That's great!!!  Three goals in one strike!!

Things are going well, and I'm very happy with the results this weekend.  I even got another painting almost completed.  Take a look.  When it's completed I'm going to make a pattern of it as well. I still need to fill in the vase, and have some sugar coming out of the bowl.  Maybe fix the plate as well.  Who knows, I did this in two nights, 

 How was your long weekend?  Do any sewing?


  1. Wow, so much eye candy! I love the leaves and the poppy is just amazing! And you paint too? I'd say you're using all your energy very effectively.

    1. Thank you Lisa Marie. Just this weekend I was talking to my husband about getting a hobby before we both retire in six years and he said to me "Well what are you going to do?" I would think that was obvious with all my paintings hanging on the walls and the quilts everywhere?!! Men....


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