Sunday, May 27, 2018

Catch up Saturday

As school starts to come to a close, with so much to do, my craving to sew gets stronger and stronger, a craving that has to be satisfied.  Because I've been so busy, I have gotten behind on some of my BOMs.  Friday was all about going through applications for students who have applied for scholarships, That took from 3:00 till 6:15.  But it's done.  Not including the the three hours of review before the meeting.  That left me exhausted on Friday night, and no time for sewing.

This Saturday was my catch up day.  I went out with a friend, had a great day around Fort Langley.  It's north of Langley, right by the Fraser River (which by the way is now receding, thank goodness.).

There was a fort at one time (there is still a walk to the area) but they moved it in the town, and you can pay to enter it, it's huge.  It shows realistically what living in the fort was like.  It's well worth the trip for that alone.  But there is so much more to do, including tons of antiques at a warehouse right in town.  Check it out.  I was there from 11:30 - 3:30, and so busy, you need two days to see it all.

Here are some shots that show you the CN station you can walk through as well as the main town.

They do a lot of filming in this area for small town shots.

Back to my catch up day.

When I got home, my husband had done almost all of our cooking.  I just had one more thing to do.  Then he made me a hamburger.  It was wonderful.  We sat, had a few drinks, and then my husband went to listen to music, which I stated to sew.  Here are the results of that sewing.

Sewology BOM.  Two more completed, but I am still one behind.  Can you tell what they are?
Needle and cutter.  There are some mistakes with the cutter, but so many pieces, it was scary.
The Quilt Doogle BOM.   All caught up.

The very last one, snowman and his dog.  I got buttons for the carrot noses.

And then to really go forward, I made the next three pieced blocks so all I need is to do the applique.  As usual, Quilt Doodles's Snow Much Fun Block of the Month is so much fun, join us.  You can get the patterns on Cratsy, or Etsy (yes you have to pay, but it's minimal).  

The final quilt will look like the picture below.  It's a scrappy look, which you can make scrappy.  All pieces are cut out ahead of time and each month you do the applique.  It's not hard, it's rather fun, and I use my button stitch on the machine to attach the applique.  Three more to go, and then the borders.  I'm very excited to see the final, and to add all my buttons to all the appliques, making it unique.

Well, that was it, that seems like enough.  I have more to do (one more Sewology) and I need to catch up on my other 2nd Quarter listings.  Have a great sewing week.

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