Monday, August 13, 2018

Another Month Gone by....

Another month has gone by and another number has been drawn for the 2018 UFO Challenge.  It's now #8.  And what quilt of mine is that one?  It's the black and white paper piece one that is only black and white to replace or go with the wall mural.  But that's not the problem, the problem is that I am also trying to complete my #9 which is the table runner for a very good friend of mine, Anna.  So now I am very much behind in this one and in all my blocks of the month.  Am I taking on too much???  You better believe it.  Here's an update of the challenge with pictures of what I have completed.

So happy sewing to everyone out there.


1Pat Sloans BOM
Have about 55 to go out of 100.  Need to step it up

2Black and white squares
For my aunt in California.  I delivered it in June.  All done.  It's a king size quilt and it's gorgeous.  Jealous that I didn't keep it for myself.
3Sewing BOM (March)
Am currently 4 blocks behind.  On my list to catch up this week, but the quilt BOM is almost over so I have to catch up.

4Quilt Doddle BOM
Currently caught up with all the months except for the last two.

5Bird Runner (April)
Have all material but not cut.  Going to give this to my Aunt as part of her Christmas gift this year.

6 Green Wool flowers (May)
All done and now on my mother's bed.
7Triangles in old fashion (June)
Sewed the strips together, and now making the triangles.  Working on that one this week.

8 Black & White modern (August)
Paper pieced, have material, need to start squares.  Only have 3 squares out of 100 started.

9Table runner for Anna
Have most done, adding because its too small, then need to quilt it.  Will give it to her this month.

10Monas quilt
Completed and given to my cousin.  It's beautiful, had fun doing quilt-as-you-go.

11aMissouri quilt (June)
Have Cake material, need to complete rest.  Not sure which one I'll be doing now.

 l2  Barn door to complete (January)
All completed and it looks fantastic.

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