Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 BOMs

I was considering not doing any of the blocks of the month this year, just working very hard on getting many of my old blocks of the months completed (or even started in many cases) or cleaning up many of my different projects that I've started or have everything for and are just waiting to be started. But there are so many beautiful blocks of the month just starting and I simply just can't resist.  They're just sooooooo beautiful.  

Here's a few that I'm very interested in and some that I've even purchased.  This one is from Sew Incredibly Crazy and her friends.
It starts the 1st of February..  This year there is a mix of pieced and applique blocks.  So, a little bit of something for everyone.  There is a total of 24 blocks.  All the blocks will also be 10 1/2" square unfinished size.  All the pattern are free for the month that they have been released.  After that, there
will be a small fee.  So timing is everything on this one.  The link is here....

I missed the linking to this one but it's one that I am considering for both my friend and this group.  I'm going to follow along even though I'm not listed because I like doing that...

2019 Planning Party

Resolutions for 2019.  A friend of mine told me to do 19 for the year 2019, and that's the very next blog that I'm about to do.  Some will be quilts and some will be things to do for the year that I want to try.  I'm excited about it and about sharing it with my friend.
AnneMarie Chany is doing a BOM called Conversation Sampler.  It's available in print and PDf at her shop on her blog.  It's absolutely gorgeous and can be done in candy colors like her sampler or in one color only.  She shows you a number of samples for doing it.  Look below:

Finished Block Size: 6” x 6” | Finished Quilt Size: 76” x 76”

Another one that is being done by Sew Fresh Quilts is a Harry Potter Quilt Along. The quilts finish at 44 x 55 or 85" x 106" (what I'm looking to do or the next one) or 106" by 106". It's going to be great. The blocks finish at 10" x 10" or 20" x 20". Following the introductory post on January 15th, one of 20 blocks will be posted every Saturday starting on the 19th of January and going forward. The link is listed above to keep an eye on the blocks. As Lorna says, lets have fun!! This one is free...

The final one is below, it's a paid one but really inexpensive.  It's called Modern HST's and it's a learning one.  
tt's by Freshly Pieced, and created by one of my favorite designer Lee Henrich. I have done a number of the summer samplers, always waiting for the next because of the beautiful design and this one is jsut as fantastic.  Although it's only 52" by 62" (a lap in my opinion) it can be used to hang on my wall.  I'm looking at doing it all in straight colors, with a light tan background, with white in the centers.  I am so looking forward to it.

Finally, it would not be a year without Quilt Doodle and her great designs.  It is called Garden Sunshine, with old fashion piecing this time as well as her fantastic applique.  I've been following along with Cindy for years now, and you can look in the top pages to see each one of her quilts.  They're fun and the appliques are so beautiful.  This block of the month will be run the same as in past years. The pattern section will be available for free the month that it is out. The first of the month when a new pattern comes out, the old month's pattern is still available for a small $2.99 fee. Very reasonable.  

So we're off and running with me already committed to five BOMs and three others that I've purchased and have to complete at some time (two of them are hand sewing for when I travel somewhere....).  Once more I'll have fun, and hopefully keep up. 

How many are you joining?  Follow along to see if I can keep up  :) 

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