Sunday, February 23, 2014

Block Lottery for a draw of all that you may need for a quilt....

I really like the idea of this lottery that's going on at Block Lotto.  Every month they give you a new pattern to make.  You make as many as you want and you send them in to get into a draw.  The amount of blocks you put in is the amount of draws you have to win all the blocks and make yourself a quilt.

 So far there has been two this year and at the end of the year you have a huge quilt.  The quilt this year is modern.  The first month is the chevron, the second one is called bead on a string, which really looks great.
beads on a strong.
The site tells you what color to do the block in, what size and what style so they are similar enough to make a quilt with all the blocks entered in the draw.  On the same site I gave you, that is where the patterns come up but if you keep on looking through the site you will also see quilts made by the winner.  Just so you know people from all over the world send in their blocks, some from Germany, some from England.  So to send your block in would be a little expensive but well worth the mention on the blog.  Generally the draw is for 35 - 40 blocks so you can make an entire quilt yourself.  The blog also states when your quilt block was received, so you know you're in the block lottery when your name is on the "At a Glance page".  .  So far as of today there are 187 blocks of beads.

When done every quilt (like a block of the month) it is recommended the following common background fabric:  
  • Small (42-inch square) – 1 1/2 yards
  • Crib (42 by 63-inch rectangle)  - 2 1/4 yards
  • Throw (63 inch square) –3 1/4 yards
  • Twin (63 by 84-inch rectangle) – 4 1/2 yards
  • Full/Queen (84-inch square) – 6 yards
  • King (105 inch square) – 9 1/4 yards
I'm looking at the Queen.  Here's the style.  It shows where the Double Chevons go.  Another BOM to do  ;)
It will be great when it's done.  But I'll need to keep up at the site at all times.  

This is the address to see some of the old Lotto Blocks so you can catch up.  I've started mine....

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