Sunday, February 23, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole - finally I started it...

As was my goal this year, I wanted to do some blocks of the month online, do some samplers, and Gable House and Co. has a fantastic one.  It's called "Down the Rabbit Hole" and Jennifer Overstreet does a fantastic job of explaining each and every step.  At this point it's very simple for a beginner quilter, and although I'm past that step, it's still fun to figure out other ways to do the blocks, making it more challenging.

A friend of mine gave me 50 pieces of fabric for my 50th birthday, so I'm using all those scraps.  They have  patterns with green, blue, pink and red, some modern, some old.  It's quite the combo but it's going well so far.  I'm  using some green material as a filler or background to bring it all together.  I already purchased 2 meters of this greenso that's working out with no new purchases.  The object in "my head" is to use all that material she gave me, so it will be my birthday quilt at the end.  The things we do to ourselves!!!!

I started this BOM late but in one day (a snow day) I did a lot.  See below for all the squares made so far.  It makes me smile to see them now.  I started at 8:00 pm and stopped at 2:00 am in the morning (yes I got lost in the sewing, but when I started to make mistakes and not have fun anymore I realized I'm getting tired and went to bed).  It really did go fast, the making of the blocks so far.

What is the schedule for the blocks you may ask?

  • September - Nine Patch - Completed.
  • October - HST (half square triangles) and Pin Wheels - Completed.  Had to undo and redo...
  • November - Flying geese - there are 88 to do!!!!  Looking at doing them 4 at a time, but I need to find one of those lessons online to remember how to do it and to make sure it's the right size!!!  Might do it a bit bigger.
  • December - Friendship Star - Completed.
  • January - Variable Star - will cut them out today.  
  • February - Calico Puzzle - completed.
  • March - Monkey Wrench - Boy, is this going fast!!!!
  • April - Grandmother's Fan and Orange Peels
  • May - Piece and assemble it all together.
  • June - final!!!!
This is the only BOM that ends so early so I get a new quilt then and can show my quilting guild early.
Nine Patch using different greens and pinks
Calico pattern and Pinwheel
Friendship Star - did two colors because ran out of red poka dots
I also worked a bit on my "Valentine Flowers" quilt, I'm sewing the binding, but I still need to quilt all the white sections of the quilt.  Another day, or rather in the next month.

I also bought some more fabric (I'm addicted!!!) from Wineberry's Quilting Store, wanted to treat myself after such a hard week, but I broke a promise to myself that I would not buy any more fabric unless I finished two more quilts.  That's a sign of addiction.
They look black but the color is indigo, with great modern patterns.
Finally, been working really hard on my applique BOM from Sycamore Hill website, another great BOM that I'm enjoying but is taking longer then I thought to do.  I could of used fusing but I instead I wanted to do "turn applique".    Here is what the January and February blocks look like:

Started this one.  All leaves are the same.  But I have about 5 pinks.
February's Block, haven't even started this one yet...  But I have the material.
So I am catching up!!!

New BOMs Joined

And because of that I'm looking at another 3 BOMs, I cannot resist and they're FREE!!!  The first one is from the Blogger Girls' Block of the Month.  They are asking for reds and greens, my favorite colors and it looks more challenging then some of my other ones.  Love the final look.  What do you think?

Need to make a lot of HST's.  But I love the colors!!  Can't resist.

Not Yet Started but will start

Take a look at the left hand side for all the BOM's I'm participating in but at this point.  There is only one that I have not started yet, the Garden, because it's paper piecing and it takes time, and it's very high level but you don't learn anything unless you try.  

Debbie Mumm, who I love, has a new BOM that you do every two months.  I haven't started this one as well because I don't have the material.  I need some more red and blues to get going.  You can see the great work on the left, how wonderful it looks.  I'll also need some tan, but I'll need the brown that's in the quilt as well.

Material Girl has a Layer Cake sampler. You use two layer cakes, one for the pattern and the second one for the background that should be solid.  You can use a basic color for the web site instead of the second layer cake.  Go to the link above to see the sampler of having a basic color.  Amanda Castor has a sample on her website.  Love all the different patterns here to uses and what I can learn.  

I can honestly say at this point "I HAVE GOT TO STOP JOINING BOMS!"

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