Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Having time to quilt..

Just started Spring Break here in Vancouver and as usual I started with a cold.  Was sick as heck on Friday night, went to bed at 9:00.  Was coughing all day and night on Saturday, not getting much sleep and having a fever but we had concert tickets for Colin Raye (great singer - go to his site to hear some of his stuff), so I didn't get much sleep that night.

Didn't feel like sewing on Sunday, but I really wanted to catch up on my BOM projects, so I cut a number of projects.  And yesterday, early Monday morning, I cut one final one and then started sewing.  What follows is a number of my BOMs completed.  Here they are below.

 The first one was from the Doogle Designs.  The March Block.  The Christmas tree to go with all the winter blocks.  But I made a mistake at the very end.  Can you spot it?


Down a Rabbit Hole.

The second one that I worked on was "Down the Rabbit Hole".  It's the centre piece of the block, quite large, with flying geese that are suppose to go around it.  I have some of the flying geese done, but not all of them.  I need to complete those before I continue on with the rest.  Notice the piecing that I had to do, in order to get all the colors around?  I never really do such light pastels, so this is quite different for me.  But I love the effects of everything that going around.

I only have one block to go and this quilt will be done. I'm really excited about that.  Just piecing or placing it all together.  But like I said, I still have a number of geese to do to put it all around the center block.  And because the center block is so light, I put green around it (about an inch border) to pop it.

I still have some material left but it doesn't go so well with the rest of the patterns, so I'll make an exception to my 50th quilt and make a pillow with those.  ;)  

I started the Debbie Mumm Year Long Quilt Along called Star of Honor.  It's a beautiful quilt with a BOM every second month to complete.  You have to do each  block of the month 4 times.  I got some material last week to complete all the quilts (over $250 worth but it's for at least 5 quilts thank goodness) and this was one of them.  I got a 6 pack (6 fat quarters) and it will definitely not be enough, but it's a start.  I can add as I go along.  This quilt is quite funny because it's in red, white and blue of course, but with some brown.  It is truly a man's quilt and will go to my husband as a gift.  He loves all american stuff.

Notice the little stars in the background?  The center piece has gold in it.

One of the other quilts that I had for a long time.  This is not a BOM but a kit for a BOM that was done in a store.  It is called Apple Quilt.  The kit uses Thangles, a piece of paper that lets you make those half squares.  Normally when you make the half squares you have to resize them once you are done.  Cut them back into proper shape.  But with Thangles, the shapes are almost perfect, which is surprisingly easy with the Thangles. Take a look, no cutting mom!!!

Each kit lets you make two or three of these stars.  They're not that large, they're about 8" so I'll need a lot to make the kits, but in one of the kits I've made three so far, and I can easily make about 4 - 5 of them. Love the colors, it's with an apple theme, with greens and reds.  Great bright colors.

Here's how Thangles work...

It's so easy to do and quick too.  

I got so much to do still, but I'm well on my way on my list to do.  Will keep you updated.

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