Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Visa Versa March month complete

February's Quilt block.
If you've never did a block of the month from Generation X Quilters then you're really missing out.  I am having so fun doing this quilt and I am really enjoying the colours that I chose.  These are the first great pictures I've taken for this quilt, they really show the colours.  I redid the last block because I didn't like how the colours sat together.  I had the two darks on top and the two lights on the bottom.  This looks so much better.  I realized I had to watch where things went so I needed to place everything ahead of time, to make sure it looks great in the end.
This month's quilt looks so much better because I was aware of the colours.  I took my time, and made sure all the pieces were the correct size, recutting once each half quarter was completed.  Take a look at the size.  Perfect points on the claws, and perfect placement!!!

In the end the quilt will look fantastic with that pink background and the other colours.  So excited about it!!

You can't really see it from the pictures but the centre sections are green, dark green.  Seems I can't get the camera to do a good shot of that, but you can see it in person.

Waiting for April's now....

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