Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using Flickr as part of a Quilting Blog

One of the things that I am enjoying the most is the fact that I get to share pictures with people from all over the world of the great work I am doing producing a quilt.  Not all the pictures are great, and I am trying to be honest with the mistakes on the quilt, but what's even better is seeing others' work.  I really enjoyed seeing that others are doing what I'm doing, and others are having as much fun as me.

Flickr is a collection of what you've accomplished, not just sharing vacation pictures, but sharing the stages in making a great quilt.  

One of the groups I've joined as well this year is a quilt group that sharing their unfinished quilts, and then updates people on their blogs of when they completed them.  It's progressional, but you also get to see what others are starting and to see their grow.  

Join a group, and make sure you join their Flickr Group as well, to meet new people and to see what others are doing as well.  It's worth it!

See the side links to see what Flickr groups there are.

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