Friday, June 27, 2014

3D Box.

I've been meaning to complete another one of these boxes.  They are from the 3D Quilting book and
6 sides, each different
I've made some table runners from it. This is the third box that I've made, I quite enjoy making them, and each one really turns out differently from the other one.  This one has fall colours, with some purple and brown.  Made it for a girlfriend of mine, to make her smile and remind her of me because I moved schools.

The other great thing to know is that this was also on my things to do list, which is running out of time  ;)  That's probably why I didn't take tons of pictures and make a tutorial out of this one.  In the end I didn't have all the squares cut,  had extra squares cut, and basically needed to "fold as I went".

The results are evident.  I love how this box looked.  One day I'll make my own.  It only seems right  ;)

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