Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crafty works.... Doing more then the months.....

I love these Dresden's from Crafty Blocks of the Month 2012 by Amy  Gibson.  It's been really fun.  I have up to August all done, and looking at working ahead a bit.  I have a picture of the Dresdens.
My favourite

Both are easy to do
i'm very serious about making a large quilt with both of these, a sort of modern version.  Notice that I machine button stitched around both.
All the blocks so far.....
With the borders, this quilt is going to be quite large, 2 per month, until October.  I already have August done (top right two squares), so that leaves September (Drunkards), and October (paper piecing).  I must admit I started the paper piecing, or at least one of them.  Will include that in another entry.

As for the Drunkards, looking at doing it differently then the instructions on the video (Crafty Videos are sooooo helpful), trying something new and will take tons of pictures for a tutorial (my first one) if it works out.

Have a great day.

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