Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finished Aurifil's Bed Runner.

A Lovely Year of Finishes
I can't believe I'm finished my August Lovely Year of Finishes.  The colours are fantastic - indigo, its almost black.  The background is off white, the binding of the quilt is stunning.  So now I'm completed.  This quilt design is Aurifil Threads, a modern QAL that has been going on since January.  One of the blocks was a spool pattern from Chez Claire's for February's block (click on the Aurifil tags to see all the blocks or this blog entry for a picture of all the blocks), but she was also nice enough to give  a free pattern for making a small quilt runner.  I lengthen the pattern into a bed runner, with a side pocket for your book or eye glasses.  

How's this?  The quilt is on our dining table, the bedroom was too dark.  Sorry about the darkness of some of the pictures, but just so excited to say "I'm finished!!!"
See the Pocket (there's a button between spools).

Now you see the pocket better.

See the quilting?

See the quilting better.  13 hours of quilting
around the spools.

See my inspector of
quilts? He says it's done!
My husband took the picture.  That giant thing is his cat, who won't let me lay down a quilt without rolling around on it.  Now you can see how big the bed runner is.  The quilt hangs on both sides of the bed, and is quite heavy with all the quilting on it.  Really is spectacular (ok I'm prejudice with all the work I put into it).

I used Chez Claire's February's block but made 38 block, added 1 1/2 inch border on two sides of the block, then 2 1/2 inches in between each spool section, put them all together with three blank squares for contrast, and made the quilt.  In the end I added 3 inches at the end of bed runner to lengthen it.  When the length was completed, I cut one of the ends with two rows of blocks (for the  pocket), measured the length of the cut, then doubled it and added the fabric that was to make the pocket inside.  I then quilted the entire length (with the pocket length and the end piece, and once that was completed, I folded the pocket, then binded it.

Quilt stats:
Type of quilt:      bed runner
Size:                    26 inches in width and 97 inches in length.
Fabric:                 Inkwell by Judie Rothermel and
                            Kasuri by Moda
Pattern:                from Chez Claire's for February's block

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