Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Quarter - 2015 Finish Along - What I'll do.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
I had so much fun the last Finish Along with Andrianne from the On the Windy Side, I want to do it again.  I said I would finish 6 quilts and although I didn't get them done, I sure was busy getting a lot done in the months between.  Really kept me on track Katy, so here we go again.

1)  I found a free Craftsy class that is a BOM online.  Loved it!  Highly recommend it.  Look at the top below.  Turned out great in a lot of psychedelic colors.  It's a lap quilt.  But it's not quilted   I joined another class that shows how to free style quilt each and every block and I have really been working on my free style, so that's my goal.  It will take a lot of time, with 12 different styles on each block.  I figure that will take me at least three months to do.

2)  My Pixelated Quilt. I'm half way there with 2 1/2 inches squares.  It's a sunflower.  Coming along so well, But now I'm thinking of entering it in a quilter's contest, so I really should get going. 

3)  This one is the most important.  It's a wool and flannel quilt that needs to be completed in 3 months because I did enter it in my Guild's Quilting show coming up in June.  And I have to not only finish the corners, but quilts each section.  Here is what it should look like...  As I said got the corners and edges to do, Sounds like just a little work, but it's so much more.  There are even more flowers then what is here.  All is on flannel as you see from some of the blocks included.  This will be the major challenge.

Good luck to me!!

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