Saturday, February 28, 2015

Completed goals of the month...

I'm back to doing my list and checking it twice.  And I got a lot more done because of it, or at least, I think so.  Not bad considering I've been sick this week, started up a new term with new students, and helped a lot of teachers start up their classes as well. So lets get with it and see what I've done...
  • Block lottery 
    • arrows (February) - it's been three months since joining and I want to join again.  I really love doing them.
    • Eight blocks (January ) 
    • old block spiders
Did a lot!!  About 11 of them, but still got a lot to go.  So next month, I'm going to list the entire list and get them all done.  But I am scared of the sun paper piecing ones.  Those take a lot of time.

  • Pat Sloan Vacation time
  •  BOM
    • have the material but did not start both January and February.
  •  Wool quilt.
    • One corner - Done.  So excited, now 3 to goal but I have to step it up because it's being entered in a contest..  
  • Pixulated quilt
Got some done, and it's growing See the post before this.  But not done, so I'm pulling up my boot straps on this one.
  • Aurifil mini quilt February
  •  - never even touched it.
  • Snap shot quilt along by the Fat Quarter Shop.
    • January Cake - no
    • February sewing machine. no......
  • Vice Versa 
    • September block  Got the last two blocks cut out and need to sew so I think this will be one of my "A Year of Lovely Finishes" goal for March.  And March is spring break so I think I can make it!!!
    • October block  - got it cut out as well and I'm ready to sew this one as well.
  •  Finish quilting my wall hanging for a home purchase gift - the wind. - DONE see picture below.
Darn, I need to stop starting new things, and to finish the BOM's from last year.  Now I have to list all my goals for next month....

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