Friday, March 6, 2015

Another month of "A Lovely Year of Finishes"

A Lovely Year of Finishes OK, another month coming up, and another goal setting, but this month I have two weeks of Spring break to do it.  So I'm making two goals that have been on the burner for quite a well for "A lovely Year of Finishes".  So lets make it simple, and follow through:

1.  My pixelated sunflower.  It will definitely completed this month, and quilted too!!!  That's been on this list for the last two times, and it's a goner!!!!  Did some work on it last time, but this time it will be finished!!!

2.  TWO more corners for the wool quilt!!!  Not one but two!!!

3.  the quilting on my quilt that I completed on Craftsy.  I want to get it done.  It's gorgeous, and needs quilting and since I signed up for the Craftsy quilting and I love quilting free style, this one is toast!!!

There it is, my three goals that I'm sure I can get done in the next two weeks, never mind end of the month.  But don't forget I have all those blocks of a month, and those to catch up, so watch my blog because it's about to get hot fast!!!!  I plan to get a lot done!!

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