Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another busy weekend of quilting

Well, I wasn't feeling like going out a lot.  Still trying to get over this cold and flu (a mix of two).  But I did cut a lot in the last two weeks (all I felt like doing) and I did sandwich my queen quilt.  But in the end I was able to finish the quilt (see the post before this one), and do a bit more.

So now I have to show you what else I've done.

My BOM by Quilt Doodle is going great.  I even did the edging into the blocks.  I also completed two more sections, September and October.  Can you guess which is which?



Then I did some work for the charity that the Fraser Valley Quilting Guild does:  a premie quilt.  It's 25 x 25 inches and nice and fluffy.

Then I completed another row by row.  This one from up north in BC.  Beautify batik with frogs.  But even more amazing.....

there's a three D flower for the lily pad.  It's great work, and I'm happy with it. 

Three frogs on a lily pad.

Was there more?  Yes, and by now you're calling me crazy....  Another row by row, this one from Arizona.  Small pieces but easy to do.  And all of it stitched down.

Is that it?  One more for Thanksgiving.  Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone.

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