Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Wait is over - Quilt Doodle Designs Blog Hop is here!

I am so pleased to be chosen to be part of Cindy (Quilt Doodle Designs) Blog Hop!!

Every month you wait for Cindy to put up her next block for her block of the month.  Every month it's different, with surprises that brings a smile to your face.  Then it's all done, but not the smiling.  My husband looks at what I've done following Cindy's pattern and he can't believe it, calling me talented.  But you're only as talented as the designer.  And Cindy Staub from Quilt Doodle Designs is certainly that.  You can see her designs on her web site at Quilt Doodle Doodles or you can go to her Craftsy site (this is where I see all her work and pick a few out for myself!!!)  For those of you that have missed her last BOM - My Favorite Things, you can purchase her pattern for only $14, so worth it.

Every month the pattern for the block would come out and I would race to download it.  Within two weeks my pattern is up and out on Flickr to share with new friends.  The sharing is as fun as making the blocks.  The encouragement so welcome, and seeing others to look at other view points.  Makes me smile again!  These are the originals, going block by block.

Many together

The borders starting to come together
Getting all the borders on took time!  But I love the colors.

Here's the finish!!

I added beads, ribbon, embroidery, buttons, and so much more.  I also added another border (blue) at the end to have an overhang for a twin size quilt.  That's the great thing about the design Cindy makes, you can make it your own.  In this quilt Cindy let you do what every you wanted for December's block.  I embroidered something.  Take a look...

And in the end in all it's glory, the quilt is bright, and sharp, and really worth all the effort.  Once more my husband is floored at the final results, but more than that, the entire process makes it so special to spend time with others working on the same pattern.

Some of the embroidery and buttons....
Added felt.

Beads for snow.

Buttons and embroidery - movement

All the right buttons.

Ribbon too.

Check out other's impressions and completions...  See some on Cindy's web site....

Here's the schedule.
February 12th
Quilt Doodle Designs - Kathy's quilt is on it too as well as Sherry's.  All so different but all so lovely.  See Sherry's process on her web site at the Lazy quilters.  Beautiful Sherry.

Thanks Cindy for all of this pleasure.

If you're interested, Cindy is doing another block of the month, with a Christmas theme.  Join now and the quilt will be ready in time for Christmas.


  1. I love your quilt, you did a lovely job on it. I'm so glad that you got to follow along and complete your quilt!

    1. Thanks Cindy. I love the quilt!! Slept under it last night. People that see it spend time pointing out to me all the little things on it. And in the morning when I make the bed, the quilt talks to me, telling me to enjoy the moment, as life should be!! Thank you for designing this quilt.