Friday, August 19, 2016

Updating where I'm at....

Well over the summer I was in California and in Manitoba and I did visit a number of quilt shops to get the Row by Row blocks.  There are a number of them.  My girlfriend and I went crazy.  We got  over 50 of them again!   And once more it was fun as heck.
So where am I now?  Well my list has grown but I have marked DONE where I finished it and what quarter I had finished the quilt in.  Also below I marked what is new from the 1st quarter to the second.  Many of these new quilts friends gave to me.  In order to understand my list below please be aware of the following key:

Q - Queen
L - laptop
W - wall
T - table top
  1. L - You and Me by Zen Chic - got material and pattern (haven't started)
  2. L - Chic Shells by Sew Kind of Wonderful - got pattern only (haven't started)
  3. L - Sew Kind of Wonderful - Sew along - got pattern only (haven't started)
  4. Q - green small flowers in a column - need to finish and quilt. YES it's DONE - look at the 2016 finished quilts.  It's on my bed now.  DONE 1st Quarter
  5. large L- Flower quilt from Aurifill - need to finish and quilt - it's called Secret Garden.
  6. L - Vise Versa - need to finish 2 blocks and quilt - it's on my 3rd quarter list this term.
  7. NEW - Lap - Blue Deco quilt by Siobhan Roger - looks like hearts - just quilting it now.  Almost done.  On my 3rd quarter list this term.
  8. Q - Block Lotto - 2014 - need to finish 8 blocks and quilt.
  9. Q - Flowers in a circle BOM - some wool.  Applique.  All material and pattern.  Need to start.
  10. L - Modern Crossroads by Madeleine Roberg in Easy Quilts Spring 2013 magazine.- got pattern and material - Some of it now cut.
  11. L - Snow/Christmas quilt - got material and pattern - need to start
  12. L - beach quilt - no material, but got pattern.
  13. L - Sew Emma Snapshot quilt - did two blocks, have material, need to finish.
  14. L - Dogs quilt - have fabric and pattern, need to start.
  15. Q - Driesdon Craftsy - have material and pattern - need to start.
  16. L - Learning to quilt on Craftsy - have 6 done, 6 to go.   Need to finish.  On my 3rd quarter listing.
  17. L - Learning to quilt as you go - 2013  Need to continue on with it.  YES - Modern green and red queen size quilt all completed - DONE 1st quarter
  18. L- Crazy barn applique - have pattern, material, need to start.
  19. L - Gro's tea quilt.  Material, pattern for it all, need to finish.  Have 3 to go. YES - DONE 2nd quarter
  20. L - Midnight Garden - wool - Lost pattern, but have material.  Need to start  Have 3 blocks done.
  21. L - Cattail - blue quilt - start
  22. L - Frogs, have material, pattern, and have started to cut.  Need to finish.
  23. Q - pink pin wheel.  Need to finish.
  24. T - Chinese circles. - need to finish.
  25. L - Pink and green squares - finish.
  26. L - Squares in the tin box - pattern and material,  others doing that one.  Got it back from the Tin Club.  Many done, need to finish about 16 more and put the quilt together.
  27. Q - Row by Row - Canada - all patterns, all material, need to finish.  Got 3 more completed.
  28. Q - Row by Row American side - all patterns, all material, need to finish.  Got 4 more completed.
  29. T - flowers pieced in black - Amish. - material, and pattern. Small one.  Need to start.
  30. Q - Squares with Hexigons - pattern, material, need to start.
  31. L - Batique quilt - pattern, material, need to start.
  32. Q - Circle quilt from Craftsy - material red and white, pattern, need to start.
  33. Q - BOM 2015 buckets - material, pattern, need to start.
  34. L - One block wonder - material, pattern, need to start.  It's part of my 3rd quarter list.
  35. L - Video 10" squares - disappearing pinwheel. Material - need to start.
  36. Q - Swoon - material, need to start.
  37. L - Stain glass BOM - material, pattern, need to start.
  38. L - House BOM - material, pattern, need to start.
  39. Q - Hand appliqué old fashion girl on white, with squares of color.  top for queen quilt. finish.
  40. Q - Girl on a farm - applique that I am designing - Some material - need to continue/finish
  41. L - Blue HST's - all HSTs done, need to finish.
  42. W - Big city/town pattern.  No material, but I have the pattern.
  43. Q - Modern pattern just bought on Craftsy on sale.   Solid colours and then hexis around it.  Have pattern and material.  Need to start.
  44. L - Tractor quilt with barns to complete. It's part of the Farm Girl Sampler by Lori Holt.  I purchased the book. Have some material.  Need to finish by June for my cousin. Not done.  Gave him a different one instead.. 
  45. T - Using charms for Precut Primer pattern.  Have pattern and material.  Need to finish.  YES - did two - DONE one in 1st Quarter and one in 2nd Quarter.
  46. T - Paper pieced tulips - have all material.
  47. W - Spring Panel - all material there and cut.  Need to sew and quilt.  On the 3rd quarter listing.
  48. L - Jelly roll quilt from the Precut Primer pattern book.  Have pattern and material cut out.  Need to start.
  49. Large L - Fat quarter quilt block - have material but have not started.
  50. Large L - migration from Craftsy Store.  Have pattern and material.  Need to start.
  51. Large L - Large hexi flowers pattern from Craftsy store - have some material.
  52. T - circular birds - have pattern only.  Want to do this one with extra material I have and scraps.
  53. Q- Apple Quilt - have all the material and the Thangles to do the quilt.  Need to Finish.
  54. L Scrappy BOM  from IQuiltModern - scraps - to start.
  55. Big Wall - Pixulated quilt Sun Flower - it's done just quilting it and that's taking ages!!  Need to Finish.  Already spent over 5 hours these last two months working on it.
  56. Big Lap - Vice Versa Quilt - need to complete 4 more blocks and quilt it.  On the 3rd quarter listing.
  57. L - Pixulated Eye - have the material, the pattern, everything.  It's the Craftsy free quilting class to learn how to pixulate.  It's fabulous, go take a look!  Need to start.
  58. W - The Quilt Magazine, April 2012. of a bird on a Laundry Line.  All material and the pattern.  Half done.  Need to Finish.  DONE 1st quarter - see the 2016 tab above.
  59. Q- Star Quilt from the FVRQ Guild - have the material and the patterns.  Have all done but the last 3 starts and then the big middle one.  Need to Finish.
  60. W - Home Tweet Home - McKenna Ryan - 9 blocks. - have 2 of the blocks done and a friend gives me more when I complete the next block.  One more block completed.
  61. L - Skeleton quilt from "Dare to be Square".  Material and some of it cut.
  62. L - Curved red quilt using Sew Kind of Wonderful Ruler (material all there and cut.).
  63. Q - Craftsy Red Circle Quilt.
  64. NEW - W - Portrait quilt on Craftsy's Class - (no material yet)
  65. NEW - W - Landscape quilt class on Craftsy (material and course work - just ready to start).
  66. NEW - Wall.  Home Coming.  
  67. NEW - Wall.  Freedom - Canadian Eagle .
  68. NEW - Wall - Police Car - just got it from Manitoba from my Aunt.
  69. NEW - Table topper - hand dyed star quilt from Quilty Box.
  70. NEW - Wall - Whale from by best friend.
  71. NEW - Wall - Tea Time given to me by my best friend.
  72. NEW -Table topper Star trek paper piece - started 2nd quarter and it's now completed and made into a pillow case.  Excellent look.  Wait for the next blog.... DONE.
  73. NEW - Laptop Bears - got the material, need to start.
  74. NEW - Laptop Star Trek - pixelation quilt of Spock, I made the pattern.  Have material.  Not started.
  75. NEW - Amish Quilt - black with different blocks from Craftsy.
  76. NEW - 3 queens - 54 Row by Rows for Home Sweet Home.
  77. NEW - Wall - Pattern for Light house - no material, just pattern
  78. NEW - Queen -  Summer Sampler - joined online - blocks developed by many different quilters.  Only have patterns, no material for this yet.  Waiting to complete this one as I just have too much on my plate right now.

So in total - That's 6 quilts from this list completed so far.  In total I have 68 quilts to complete.  Now that list sounds a little big....  :)    and it looks big, but it also is a bit of encouragement as well, with a few things in red, showing that they're done....  When you give out quilts like I do, you tend to forget what's been done and what you've accomplished.  And with so many cousins now asking for quilts, it's a good idea to keep track of it.

So I continue on... but with pleasure because I continue to love to quilt.

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