Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Second Quarterly 2018 Finish A Long

I was so happy with last quarter's list and getting so much quilting done in the last two weeks that I only have to finish up a couple and they're done.  I had put four items on the list that I almost completed but having two completed, and two baby quilts completed made me satisfied.  (See here for the blog entry).

So what next?  Once more there is a list to complete, and I'm hoping to to get at least five done this time.  One of them is urgent (a quilt for my Aunt who is going into the hospital April 12th.   So it needs to be completed right away.  Also I have two that were on the list last quarter that are almost done, so it will be easy to complete them right away.  OK, here's the list:

(1)  The Midnight Garden.  It's all completed and I have to quilt it now.  All the wool is completed.  The two and a half inch squares are sewn all around the wool.  It's really very beautiful.  Here's what it looks like now:

(2)  The pixelated eye - which is a Craftsy free course online with Caro Sheridan.  I have the kit and I would like to complete it so I can exchange the pixelated quilt that is hanging right now (a pixelated sunflower I made after this course) can be changed.

(3)  Want to make the 2nd door for the quilted barn door that I have started for my entrance way to my sewing room.  Here is one done.  I need to make the next panel.  I already quilted one with leaf pattern on the leaves, and a spiral pattern all around the leaves.  Doesn't it look great?  The pattern is from Jennny Pedigo and Helen Robinson for Sew Kind of Wonderful.  It's from a book called One Wonderful Curve. It's a fantastic book with beautiful patterns, all quilts have curves.  I have trouble with making Duncan curves.  But using the ruler  from Sew Kind of Wonderful makes making curves simple and easy, with a simple curve that doesn't need pinning.  Check out the ruler and some free patterns at Sew Kind of Wonderful.

So number three is to make a second quilt like the picture shown for the 2nd barn door to cover the entrance way in the picture. 

(4)  I want to complete some Row-by-rows that I've been collecting for the last two years.  At one point I had 110 of them.  I've slowly but surely been going through some (I've done over 20) and I want to set a goal of four of them in this quarter of time.  I am hoping that in December I will have enough to make a queen/king size quilt for my bed.  I am also working at Quilting-as-you-go style for these rows.  What four do I want to do?  Any that catch my eye.  I do have over 90 to choose from.  :)

(5)  Another goal for this quarter is to do another quilt kit that I purchased.  It has old style quilting material that is made of diamonds.  You use 2 1/2 inch strips.  Perfect to make a fast quilt.

(6)  Flamingo Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman - I have been gathering up the pink material to complete the quilt.  The pattern is wonderful.  Here's someone else's quilt already done up.  I am starting from scratch - nothing is cut.

(6)  Deer Course on Craftsy - Under the same idea - Patch work Piecing:  Woodland Animals is a Craftsy course by Elizabeth Hartman.  I just love the deer that she makes for this one.  I want to make a pillow of it, or a smaller quilt.  See her example online.  If not the deer then the bear for a child's quilt.

(7)  Then there is another one that is partly complete.  It's the 100 blocks that Pat Sloan was working on last year with a number of her friends.  I have about 40 completed, and I want to set a goal of doing another 10 blocks, and starting to put them together in shadow boxes.  I want to Quilt as you go rows by rows so I can do some great quiltings.

(8)  I have set a goal to keep up with the Sewology BOM that I am part of.  It's a wonderful quilt pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns on Craftsy.  See below for a picture of the entire quilt.  I am at the part of the needle and the cutter block and then the ruler block.  So two behind.  But all others are completed, and they are all sewing together.  I do have the iron completed, but not with the others.  By the end of the block I expect the scissors and the stitch block as well to be completed.  I'm excited about this quilt.  It's for me alone, and it will be big enough for a full size bed. 
(9)  You and Me Quilt by Tres Chic.  It is taking forever to complete this quilt.  It's for my Aunt in California.  She is getting her operation April 12th, and I would like to send it to her before that day.  The entire quilt is being done in squares about an inch in diameter.  That is taking so much time.  I'm trying to do at least 4 blocks a month but I'm behind and now I really have to step it up.  As you can see the quilt is king size, and all in blacks and white.  So far I can honestly say I am about half way through it, so I am very excited to complete the entire thing.
Thinking this is enough?  Noooooooo.  There's more, and some urgent.

(10)  A table cloth for a friend of mine made by Northcott Fabric, their artisian line.  See a picture of the centre panel.  All I need is to quilt it now.

(11)  A panel of a heron, that's from Artisian Fabric  Absolutely gorgeous.  Just doing it as a panel for a table top.

12) Finish the Craftsy Quilting Class Quilt.  Two blocks done only.  But take a look at the quilting....


13)  Finish my applique and put it into a Redwood Quilt (quilt that is completely made up of red material.  Got a lot to finish here.

 14)  I joined a class for making a quilt called "In Full Bloom".  It's making a flower out of coloured fabric.

15)  I have material for a pink top and the pattern.  Short sleeve, cotton top.  Want to complete it before July.

16)  I also have pink material for a jumper dress that is perfect for this silk/polyester material that has a lot of embroidery.  

17)  The final sewing project I have is with a small knit top and shorts set for the summer.

OK, that's enough.  I'm sure there are a number of quilts here that I will enjoy starting.  Plenty of work and I'm sure I'll be able to complete at least 5 out of this list.


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