Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The APQ Bucket List

The American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine has changed their idea this year, and for the better.  Instead of making a list of twelve quilts to do - one a month -they have come up with a list of things to learn throughout the year.  Every time they publish an issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, they will have a list of things in the "Now Trending" page to help you check off items form your list.  You can download your own list here and read all about it. My list is below.  I love that you add a few quilts that you want to make sure you do throughout the year at the end. 

So I'll be doing both, this list and hashtaging it #APQBuckletList and doing the UFO listing for each month as well.  I'll do an update to this list every once in a while and put it in red every time I complete something on the list.  This list is amazing.  Good luck to everyone trying it.

1. Use acrylic or paper templates to piece a block.  The Star Wars quilt or the Black and White.

2. Donate a pillowcase to charity. (Add it to the online counter: AllPeopleQuilt.com/donate.)

3. Organize your fabrics and scraps.  A needed one.

4. Change your needle - I do this for every quilt I start.
    replace your rotary cutter blade
    clean your machine.

5. Identify a problem area in your sewing space and find a solution.  All the paper patterns I have printed out.  I need to organize them better.

6. Attend a quilt guild meeting in your area.  Every Month.  I am their secretary.

7. Sew accurately using foundation piecing.  Black and white quilt or mom's table topper quilt.

8. For one week, set aside 20 minutes a day to sew.

9. Sew a quilt using only your scraps and stash.

10. Get topsy-turvy with curved piecing.  The sew kind of wonderful quilt for my barn door of the birds or the bats.

11. Take a quilting class (in person or online).

12. Read the pattern completely before starting the project.

13. Submit a reader tip to our magazine at apqtips@meredith.com.

14. Take your handwork to a surprising location.

15. Join a fun quilt-along.

16. Creatively piece your quilt backing.

17. Go on a quilt retreat.

18. Machine-sew a decorative stitch sample.

19. Label a quilt. (Don’t forget your name and the date!)

20. Take a picture/journal about each quilt you make this year.

21. Assemble a pincushion. (Cross this off with Wool Welcome by Roseann Meehan Kermes in the February issue.)

22. Sew a quilt for charity.

23. Meet your quilting hero (in person or online).

24. Make a quilt using only solids.

25. Slow down and hand-quilt.  The Wool Quilt.

26. Make a bed-size quilt, then snuggle under it.

27. Attend a national quilt show.  My Guild has a quilt show this June.

28. Read your sewing machine manual.

29. Change out all your quilts for a new season.  Christmas is over, changing to a spring theme.

30. Visit a new quilt shop (with your best quilting buddies).

31. Try English paper piecing.

32. Explore a quilt museum.

33. Safely wash and store your quilts.

34. Finish a Christmas project before December.

35. Splurge on a quilting tool you’ve been eyeing.

36. Quilt your own project. (You can do it!)

37. Stay calm when you realize you’ve run out of bobbin thread while sewing.

38. Add a little (or a lot) of appliqué to a project. (Cross this off with Down to Earth by Deanne Eisenman in the February issue.)

39. Post a photo of a quilt you’re proud of on social media.

40. Learn a new embroidery stitch.

41. Go on a shop hop.

42. For a week, spend 3 minutes picking up your work space after each sewing session.

43. Teach someone to sew.

44. Finish a UFO.

45. Make a two-color quilt.  Looking at a red and white quilt or blue log quilt.

46. Take part in a block exchange or swap fabric with a friend.

47. Alter a pattern to a size or colorway you like.

48. Make a pix-elated quilt.

49. Make an animal (wolf or horse or Northern animals) quilt.

50. Make a collage quilt with flowers.

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