Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Clean up time.....

OK, I have to do something today.  Tomorrow I'm busy, and the next and the next, and now I'm going back to school next week, which means I'll be busy as usual, so today is the day to clean up this mess.  Take a look...  each one is a quilt that I need to finish, part of my list of UFOs and quilts that I want to do.  I won't finish them all, but I would like to do as many as possible.  Take a look...
My sewing desk, crowded in with sewing to the right, and a bookcase full of organized sewing to the left.  I idea is to finish the sewing at the right.

On my desk is a folder of a star wars smaller quilt.  It's not the one pictured although I want to do that one as well, it's a paper piece of all the characters of the first movie, one of my favorite movies.  Three characters are completed, two to go.  On my list of things to do.

All scrap material, pieces, and leftover stuff, waiting to be used.  I am looking at getting rid of most of it in two scrap quilt patterns.  The first is a string quilt that I started, and the second is an Irish chain of 2 1/2 blocks.  This should get rid of some of my scraps  :)

The bag on the floor to the right is a bag that a good friend gave to me.  It contains a lot of material, some of it good, some bad, that was from her aunt who passed away.  The idea is to make some baby quilts to donate in the name of her aunt, and one quilt for her to remember her aunt by.  I don't know how I'll finish that, but I plan to make one baby quilt a month for the guild.  They donate baby quilts to the premies at the hospital, an excellent idea that is well received by mothers.  The Fraser Valley Quilt Guild has been doing it for years and although I make one or two a year, I'll be doing a lot more to use up all that material. 

There is also a quilt (in blue) that I've completed.  It's part of the row by row with Pat Sloan and her friends.  I made it thinking  I would give it to my Aunt for Christmas but the quilting is not completed.  So I'll work on that one today, only a bit more quilting to completed.  Easy piezy....

The pink in the background is on a trolly that I bought to sort out a number of my backings and the front clearings for quilts.  It also contains some material to make dresses and tops, something I want to get back into.  I have over 10 containers of great material (some of it wool) that I've had for years, I need to get back to making my own clothing again.  But that's not on my list of must do this very minute.  And truthfully, I can't reach my surger right now, so it's on the back burner right now. 
Also the green on top is a patter, on top of a couple of other patterns.  I plan on putting all my patterns in one spot so I can pick and choose what I want.  Right now I have too many patterns and I don't know if I'll get to all of them, so I have to be a bit more selective of what I'll do and not do.

 This is one of my strip blocks that I was talking about above.  I have five blocks completed at this point but I'll need 36 to get to the size I want, and I don't know if I want a queen or a lap.  The colors are gorgeous.  At this point I have so much to do I'll take this quilt one block at a time.

This pile (and it can only be called a pile) is on top of five different clear containers that I keep some of my UFOs in, or the quilts that I am currently working on.  To the back of the pile of material are more of those containers. You can see how much I'm doing.  So under the green material, with the backing of another quilt that I want to start (yes, I'm looking at starting another small lap), is a quilt that is completed.  It covers the top of my queen bed, but not the sides, so I'm building up the sides of the quilt to make a queen for the spring or the end of winder.  This quilt is from Sewalong BOM which was fantastic and part of the Craftsy library quilts (see label Sewalong on the side to see all writeups on it).  It is one that I am considering putting into the Quilt Guild's show, but I already have three quilts that I want to enter, so we'll see.  Plus I am looking at putting flannel on the back of this quilt (in black) so it's warmer than summer.  The quilt's main backing is gray, so it will look good together, and I want to quilt it like crazy for fun.  Truthfully not too such what to do with the quilt, but I'll think of something.  Also under this quilt is another quilt of 2 1/2 inch jelly roll.  The quilt was one of those race quilts.   A friend of mine is doing one queen size.  She asked me for help so I thought I better know how to do it before I help her.  Here is Missouri Quilts tutorial to show you how.

So I'm hoping to finish this one today or tomorrow.  At least before the end of these holidays.

So now you know the mess that I'm in, and how I want to clean up my area.  It's part of the list of things to do from the American Quilting Society.  Lets hope I can get this under control.

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