Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Making goals for the new year...

Many articles tell you that goals made on January 1st don't come true but I'm a list person,and so that's what I do, make goals and lists. If I don't accomplish something every day, I feel like I've wasted a day. So here are a few that I want to do.

  • I want to do a sew along, or a block of the month online. I've found many on line but I want to do one that is 2014' and include the button on this blog.
  • I want to do the Star quilt from the Langley web site (looking at joining them this year.). I've admired their stuff many times. Or I can join the Fraser Valley Quilting club. Who knows.
  • I NEED to finish one of the wool quilt BOM clubs that I got through the mail.
  • I want to finish my quilt that I bought with my mom's money.  I call it the garden
  • I want to enter a quilt contest. I've never done that before.
  • I want to finish my angel appliqué.

That's it so far... Too many? Who knows;)

Nicole Painchaud

Another one done, first time with scallop edging

This one is for my husband's boss in Edmonton. He told me that she's very feminine. So I bought about a week ago a cake package of moda fabric, all soft blues, and pinks, not at all what I usually go with, I love bright colors. But it was on sale ($10) and I couldn't resist such a deal, so there it was. I knew this would be for someone else and I thought It would be a quick quilt but I never do something easy, it's not in me....

In one of my trips to Steveston (a town by the ocean in British Columbia - not far from Vancover) I came across an antique table cloth that had beautiful embroider on it. I've been working hard on learning this craft and I couldn't help but admire the work. It's old, but beautiful.

It's a table cloth, with pink and yellow flowers in a square. Well I used it as the centre piece for the quilt. I didn't quilt that part at all, and I thought it was a little too plain for my taste, especially with the light colors. The light colours do make the quilt look entirely antique. Take a look at the details of the embroidery.

Notice all the colors... Needed to add something to the quilt, some pazazz... So in come the scallop edges. Do they ever make a difference...

I used a big pasta bowl, and some freehand, then made the bias tape, and machined so it on. Needed to clip right up to the stitch line to make the scallop line look good, then I zigzagged the bias on, stocked a second time inside and a 3rd stick line inside the bias, on the quilt. Looks great!

The backing was a great fine for only $5 a meter, that made me happy! There's not that much quilting on the one, left it open so it kept the antique look. I wanted to puts 3D daisies at the cross corners, randomly here and there, but my husband said no, it would be too much, and I think he's right. At this point the quilt looks old fashion, and his boss likes antiques. I think this one is done. Wish I was keeping this one...

Nicole Painchaud

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas time, a time to relax...

Well at least my way of relaxing. I just finished a quilt that I started on Dec. 12th but with preparation for Christmas and company, plus the fact that I was working on two other Christmas gifts, I just got around to it. I did enjoy making it and it turned out beautiful. I did make a mistake with the black part, but still it's cute. It did get the tester's approval as you can see below...

It's a pattern from McCall's Quick Quilt magazine for Dec. 2013. The cat is sitting on the snowman's picture. ;)

Like most other quilt bloggers I made a list of projects I want to complete in 2014, but on the last week of school (did I mention I teach?) my secret Santa gave me a gift at the end of the week. She's a quilter too, so you can guess what's coming...

It's in flannel, and this will be my second quilt in flannel. I like working with the material. Secret Santa also gave me the directions to follow...

And the web site to see what the quilt looks like online for color. The pattern is from Free Spirit... The picture has the website on it. But if you can't see it here it is http://freespiritfabric.com/core-pages/gallery.php?gal_id=500&sw_id=8187

I'm going to cut it out tonight.

It will be in blues, and purples... Will post when I am done. I think my list of things to do will be growing...

Nicole Painchaud

Location:It's Christmas time, a time to relax...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cuddle up to Home

This weekend or rather 2 days ago I finished up a quilt for a friend who's husband makes gorgeous walking sticks.  A friend of mine, Kathy, wanted a walking stick for her father after she saw the stick I gave my father.  I'll try to include a picture.  Well, that was it...

So to pay her back I made her husband a quilt, one work of art for another.  See the pictures below.  Seems to me that every time I made a quilt, my cat has to try it out.

Big quilt...  What's the picture for???

You're giving it away?

Not with me here!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Forgot my favourite quilt.

Sometimes when you create something it's very hard to give up, you fall in love with your creation. This quilt was one of them

The colors are great together, the creativity was fantastic (appliqué of circle), just the entire design came together. Now with this many quilts in my arsenal, I've been trying to sell a few lat rock bottom prices, to support this sewing habit. But some you just don't want to give up.

But some you work so hard on the quilt that in the end you're happy to see the end of it, like a bad pill that keeps on turning up. In the end it's a matter of letting go.

Are you like that too?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Topping the last Modern block.

Had my friend Gro over last night, she came in the snow and rain, excitted to see the latest quilt for her to choose from. This Christmas she asked if I would make her a quilt. Seems another friend of ours has been bragging how she has two quilts from me. That was the leverage to make sure that both my friends know I like them equally. Yes I know they sound like children but they were teasing each other and Gro didn't want to use her other quilt because when she left the school we were both working at I got everyone to sign the quilt. It's a once in a lifetime quilt. So to get even with Val. The friend who started this, I said she could choose which one she wanted. After all I was trying to make a quilt a month (that includes backing and quilting ladies), so there was one a month for her to choose. She had 4 to choose from, and they are shown below. The 2nd one was what she was really was liking for most of the time but The last one was the one she chose. Good choice. Look at the stitching, it took 18 hours of 1/2 nice free style stitching to complete it.

This was the favourite for quite a while. It was star brushed quilted from one corner to the other.

The quilt above is from the book Modern Minimal. Click on this link to see it at Amazon (has a PDF file so it's on my iPad to follow directions). There's not a single quilt in that book that I don't love. Look at the simple quilting on it. The small squares are appliquéd on. Below is also from that book, with a few changes (distance between the squares).

She doesn't get the quilt till Christmas!!! Now which other quilt will I do from that book next?

Nicole Painchaud

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hugs with a mug hug....

I was publishing the other post and then I realized that yes, I have been continuing to do my 1 quilt a month promise to myself.  I made some mug hugs for friends of mine.  Both my friends need a hug every once in a while (don't we all), and especially one because this year it's the "Year of Gro".  What's the "Year of Gro" you may ask???  Every year we choose one person to cheer up for the entire year and we spoil that person with little "Happy thoughts", trinkets and cute things we send to them to make them smile.  Last year it was my year because I was going through some hard times with a car accident that happened three years ago.  I dislocated my hip, it popped out and then popped in again, but I stretched all my tendants and muscles, which meant that I would have problems walking, and moving that leg without hurting my hip.  When you use to run 5 - 6 miles in less then 1/2 hour on a treadmill, and now you can't run across the street without causing you pain, you get a little depressed.  So it was the year of Nicole, with happy thoughts and good wishes coming to me almost every week.

Well, enough about me, this year it's the "Year of Gro", and I made her a hugmug (a witch) which unfortunately I did not take a picture of.  But I did take a picture of the Christmas one I did for her.  I had so much fun making that one that I made one for Val, my other friend.  Both got a matching cup (snowman and santa) so they could have hot cocoa and think of me.  McCall's has it in their christmas magazine, loaded with tons of applique.

Funny when you're sick you can sew.....

It's been a while, and I haven't done much.  Been too tired.  Doctor's orders to swim at least 3 times a week, and I seem to only be able to do it twice a week.  Wore myself out and got sick.

Lost my voice and that's a problem for a teacher.  It went from a cough to a chest cold, and then through my vocal cords, the usual for me.  It happens every year around this time of year.  So for the last two days I've been feverish, and sleeping 9 - 12 hours at night, and a couple during the day.

Today was the first day in three days that I felt sane again, and I knew I had to push myself because my tech that helps me fix all computers at my school (can't live without the man) just had a baby (why do they say that when it's the wife that had the baby and the husband just sits around and yells "Push!!!!"). I like them both and for their marriage I gave them a quilt, so this time, it's a quilt for a baby boy.  Bought 4 meters of fabric in total, and off I went.  Here's the results.

Baby Quilt, vertical quilting.  Flannel on top (cat) and cotton on the bottom (Lorax)

Matching bib with velcro fastening 

Change sheet - the circles are the plastic side.

Don't know the name but it's for burping the baby.  A necessity. 
Hope they like it.  Darn, husband telling me to get to bed, and my voice is going again.