Thursday, June 30, 2016

3rd Quarter of the 2016 Finish Along

Last quarter I put a picture of all my goals on the blog entry.  This time I prefer to do it a little different and give myself a little variety.  I still have a number of quilts to finish but I do want to give myself to choose among them.  So here's the list and it will be a question of what the finishes will look like.   I'll do all the before pictures and at the end of the quarter I'll post the before and the after pictures of each and every one.  Quite the Challenge!!!  But I have so many to complete and get off my list...

Quilting to complete

Deco by Siobhan Roger

Garden Tea Party by the Quilting Company

Aurifil 2014 BOM - I call it the Secret Garden.

My Sunflower Pattern that I made while learning Pixelation from a Craftsy class last year.

Craftsy Class BOM 2013.  Now doing Leah's Quilting Class to finish it off.

I have two more blocks to finish - the corner stones and one more, but I would like to finish this and get it quilted.

Quilts to Make

Changing the 1st Grade Quilt by Me and My Sister Designs to a lap quilt

Celebrate Spring Panel Piece to be completed in the first month - it's just sitting on my desk!!

Tulips by MH Designs - another one just sitting there.

One block wonder.

Crossroads byMadeleine Roberg in Easy Quilts Spring 2013 magazine.

I have a list of others as well.
  • 6th Grade quilt
  • 3rd Grade quilt
  • Dare to be Square - Skeleton Quilt
  • Star Trek Pixelated Quilt


  • Summer Sampler 2016 by a number of bloggers.  I have 8 blocks to complete.
  • Splendid Sampler by Pat Sloan and a number of bloggers.  I have about 20 to catch up but I'll be happy with 10 in this quarter.
  • Canadian Mystery Quilt - I'll have 4 to do by the time this quarter is over.
  • BOM from Quilt Doodle - need to catch up with the 3 last ones
    • mittens
    • mittens with stars
    • wreaths
    • new one unknown
    • another new one unknown
  • And of course the Row by Row from last year.  Want to complete 15 this term, and get that USA Row queen quilt done.  I've already started the 2016 collection.

OMG for July

Well it's official.  I'm on summer holidays.  And although you would think that would give me more time to quilt, it's not so.  I had something to do or someone to visit every day this week, and next week is filled up as well.  Don't get me wrong, it's nice to catch up with everyone but seriously, there is so much to do, and quilting just gives me a moment to myself as well as relaxes me.  So I promised myself, no matter what I will take the time to sew and quilt.

So what is my goal for this month?  I'll make it very simple.  I want to finish up a number of jobs for quilting.  They're piling up.

Here are three on my list but I'll be happy with just one completed.

Deco by Siobhan Rogers

Sunflower by myself 

It's all sewn together and sandwiched, now the quilting.  A crafty class by Leah Day.
I've already done two of the blocks, and now the rest.  I love the look of this quilt. 

That's enough.  Linking up with OMG  from Red Letter Day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where I'm at for the 2nd Quarter

Well, it's the end of the quarter and below was all I said I would do.....  Lets sum it up what I've completed as I'm hooking up to Red Letter Quilts for OMG and She Can Quilt 2016 Finish Along (see at the end of this blog for the links).  All goals that are completed are in bold.

Here's what I started with....

 0 - My row by row.  Well, out of the 58 that I have (and I started collecting for this year's theme Home Sweet Home), I've done two from last year.  I did collect 10 more rows for this year....  I think I'm doing that wrong   :)  Here are the two but that was my goal.

1.   A quilt for a very good friend of mine - tea time.  It's done, now it needs quilting.  My goal for the next quarter?!!  For sure.

2 - Tulips paper piecing.  Small project and I love the look of it. I traced the pattern but never got to it.  Darn....

3 - My modern quilt - red of green.  Worked on it for 6 month.  The quilting is crazy.  Below is a sample of the quilting.  It's all done and it's quilted like crazy...

4.  A panel wall hanging.  got it while travelling around Manitoba for the Row by Row.  That's right, a year old.  It's cut, and I started sewing... but not completed.

5.  A large lap quilt I call the garden (From Aurifill) that is 2 years old. I never even took it out of it's container.  This needs to go back on the list.

6.  My sunflower pixulated quilt.  Again....  darn.

7.  I finished one of the "Home Tweet Home" blocks  that my friend gave to me.  And she gave me another one. So that will make 3 down and another one to do next month.

8.  A queen size quilt that is beautiful.  All quilted (very light quilting) for the summer time. It's on my bed right now.  Take a look.  It's on the right.  The colors are great and I enjoyed the flowers that I quilted along the edge.  I started with the rulers, but then started doing it free style.  See the diagram below

RedLetterQuilts9 & 10   This was for my OMG challenge from Red Letter Quilt.  I have the table top from the School Book by Sew Sisters completed but I'm not crazy about it.  The size is wrong for my buffet.  So I'm going to add some side panels and make it into a lap quilt

My goal is by the end of the year to do all the grades in it with the exception of one.  But I won't tell you which one.  I promised to do two and I only got one done and even then I'm changing it a bit.  Sorry, not done.

11.  I got all the blocks caught up for the Canadian Mystery Quilt by Shania Sunga.  I've caught up with the last two.  See them below.

12.  I've started the pixelated quilt of Spock for my Trekkie mother.  I did not realize that it's the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek so this works out fine.  Got the pattern made up and I also have the material, and have started to cut out the pieces.  Will have this one started with a friend at the end of June.  My friend is coming over for a sew day in July so this works great.

13. Still waiting for this Craftsy quilt to be quilted....  Next quarter I'm looking at finishing all my UFO quilting quilts (there are at least 5 of them).  To the right is a picture of what the quilt looks like.  I have three of the blocks quilted, that means eight to go  :)   

14.  I really love Zen Chic and I love this quilt.  It's very easy to do, it's the quilting that takes time because of the negative space.  So this goes onto next quarter's list.

That makes 5 goals all quilted and completed out of 14.    Not bad for this quarter - 2 of them are queen size quilts and I've caught up with 2 BOMs for this year which always feels good.


And how about some extras that took my fancy?  Here's a few:

a.  My landscape from my mother's house - to get out my father's death in November.  I finally got it done after my brother passed away in May.

b)  Two months of the BOM of the Midnight Garden completed.  See below.   I plan to have two a month done every month.

c)  I started to catch up with the Splendid Quilting from Pat Sloan.  Completed five of them.  Don't ask how many there are.  Check it out for yourself.

My cousin asked for a quilt and I got one completed but not quilted.  The design is from Siobhan Rogers from the book "By the Block".  Unfortunately I think the quilt top is more for a girl than a boy, so I'll start a new one for him, but the quilting of this one goes into this month's OMG listing. 😉
The picture does not do it justice.  The background is a very light baby blue.  But no matter how many pictures I take, the colors will not come out.

And finally, a block using fabric markers for design.  I had fun with this one.  The markers change the color of the ribbons that went around each piece.  It also has some crystals around it.

Hooked up with two for this entry:

2016 FAL

Monday, June 27, 2016

Midnight Garden - 2 done for this month...

A quick note.  I promised myself that I would complete two blocks of the Midnight Garden BOM by Sara Tuttle and Sandy Brawner and I have.  Here's what the completed quilt is suppose to look like:

 And here is what I've completed so far.  Keeping many of my promised for the 2nd Quarter of the 2016 Finish Along.  Listed 14 different goals...   Three goals met so far....  This was not one of them, but it's a part of "All People's Quilt Challenge" of UFO finishes per month so that's doing well, I wanted to do two a month to be finished by the end of the year, and I'm on track.

Doing well so far.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Busy Friday

It's been a day of report cards and the last day with kids.... Very busy.  Then the doctor then picking up groceries, dry cleaning, getting vegetables, picking up my sewing machine after being repaired, then home to change the bed, do laundry, vacuum, make supper and finally sitting down.  

So to treat myself I did a bit of playing (15 minutes of play) trying out color markers and iron on ribbon from a sample quilt I picked up from the Washington Sewing Show this year.  The Dutch Quilter made the Flower Block by the Month, and I bought one to try it out.  Got to say I did enjoy the play.  Used the markers on the fabric as well as the ribbon.  Then used crystals to add pizzazz.

Next was finishing one of the BOM from McKenna Ryan - Home Tweet Home.  This block is called Honey I'm Home.  The pieces are so tiny, it hurts....  But in the end it will look spectacular.  What do you think?

Finally for the night I finished ironing on the last of my Canadian Mystery Quilt.  They're behind in the block because they had to get out two other samplers from Shania Sunga Designs, but all are beautiful so I forgive them. ;)

Tomorrow I start Sewinf Sisters' quilts for the grades....  You'll see tomorrow what I mean.  Night for now.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A day of calming down

So yesterday wasn't exactly the perfect day... One of my students left the school camera in a classroom and it was only by luck that on Wednesday the teacher in that room found it and returned it to the yearbook teacher.  Possible loss of $1200 for the student to replace the camera....  Had to go I. Thursday to talk to the student.  Now usually I take Thursday to get sleep and calm down, its been a trying school year of two family members dieing within 6 months of each other and not only am I physically tired from teaching, but emotionally, I need a break as well.  

There was that, and student problems, and computer repairs, and district meeting, etc....  And to top it all off, I got hit with an allergy attach, the Home Economics department cooked chocolate cupcakes and guess what happens to me when I smell the strong sent of chocolate?  My throat closes up.  I know all the women out there are going " Oh my goodness!  Not chocolate!"  But yes ladies.  I can't eat it, I have migraines and throw up for about two to three hours, and now the smell...  If I have notice I can take allergy pills and stop it from starting, but if it's too late, it was two reactines and still I feel sick...  Lose my voice....  Headaches...  And just a feel terrible.  So I stayed home Friday, tried to sleep in and get over the attack yesterday.  It was a day of relaxing and sewing and sewing out my sorrows.

It started like this....

Then went to this....

Now it's this....

And it's suppose to be similar to this picture...

What do you think?  Need to paint the bottom a bit...  But it's getting there.

I also completed the following:

It's the Canadian Mystery Quilt for Nova Scotia from Shania Sunga Designa.  This is my forth one, I'm one behind....  

I also cut out a block from the Midnight Garden.  The sunflower part.  Will stitch it by hand tomorrow

And a girlfriend gave me a kit last week (lucky me!).to cheer me up.  It worked.  Will get it done this weekend.  It is also from Shania Sanga, whales.  Love the look and it's 33" x 35" .  Perfect for my wall. 

Can't wait to start this one...  

I do feel better now.  A little tired, but emotionally better.  Sewing does that for me.  But is it me or does that quilt with the trees look sad?  Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Well another UFO Challenge has come up and so far I've only finished one on my list of 10 quilts.  The  random number called this month is #6 -

Status Before
Status Afterward
1)  Pixilated Sunflower I created
All cut out and sewn, needs to be quilted.
April- still haven't started... Next on my list...
2)  Birds on a wire from Quilt Mania
Have a birds cut out, and some of the small quilts.  Need to continue to put them on and quilt entire thing.
3)  Midnight Garden
All material there but haven’t cut anything
March - started, lost the pattern and some of the block.  Had to buy a new book and now some black wool. Need to look into this.
4)  Garden that’s applique and wool – block of the month
All material is there but nothings been sewn or quilted.

5)  Blue stars
Two stars made, need to come up with idea to bind
February - Have a design in mind.  Will finish it this month.
6)  Houses – block of the month
All material is there,
June - need to start - and it's big, so I'm looking at doing at least 3 blocks of this BOM to say I've done something....  Boy I'm in trouble for this one!
7)  Block Lotto quilt - scraps
Missing 10 blocks – last two months, needs to be put together and quilted

8)  Green strip quilt
Quilts entirely made except for a side edge to make it a queen size quilt.  Need to put on sashing then quilt it all
May was to be #7 but this one was done instead.  At least one more off the list. See previous blog entry.
9)  Lily quilt
All completed.  Even sold.  Need to quilt it.

10)  two more quilts from the book PreCut Primers – authors Me and My Sister Designs.
These use 2 ½ strips to create.  Have material but not much more.  Need to cut.

I have done SOME work this year.   See my completed Tab list above.  :)

OMG continues.... June.

I have one that I have to do this month because it hits two different areas at once:  The 2016 UFO Challenge from All People's Quilt and my 2nd quarter lineup that I blogged about here.  Two more quilts from the Precut Primer Quilting Book.  I've already decided which ones because I have all the material for them.  Here's a picture from the book for them....

The one on the right is the Precut Primer for Grade 1 made of those very very small precut pieces.  It takes two small packs that usually cost you about $2.50 and about 1.5 meters of fabric.  It's going to look adorable, but you know me, I might change it a bit.  I already have someone to give it to, a house warming gift.  I haven't even started it but I do have the material and it was on all my lists to get it going, soooooo......

The second one below.  Also from the book but I believe it's for Grade 6, and it's been one that I have been wanting to do for so long.  I love the look of this one and it's a new technique so I'm excited to learn that.  And with pre-cuts (2 1/2 inch strips) it makes it easier to cut and to start, something every quilter wants, to start quilting and skip the cutting.  This is someone else's quilt completed and a Quilt Shop that is showing people how to make it.  Here's their link (I'm not affiliated with them at all, I just love their picture.)

This is my hope for the month of June.   Hooking up to RedLetter Quilts for the OMG listing.